ERROR FARE! San Francisco or Los Angeles to London, $1498 Air France FIRST CLASS

Quick post here guys, as there isn’t too much more to say.

Just get on this one quick as possible. Don’t think. Don’t call. Don’t ask the wife or husband, just book the damn thing.

Right now, through the end of the schedule, you can get a ticket on Air France’s First Class Le Premiere for only $1500 round trip to London.

Air France from

Air France from

This looks to be a mistake fare, so make sure to hold off on other bookings until you’re sure sure sure sure that this isn’t gonna get revoked.

When we looked it seemed to have more availability Tu/Th/Sa but we got ourselves a sweet ride over on the A380 and back on the 777 in First Class.

As you can see, the price for the base fare was $432 for two people, and then taxes on top. $1522 per person for a week in London, yes please!

Our tickets! Booked!

Just go to Air France’s website and book directly. Good luck!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. “there isn’t too much more to say”

    Actually there’s a lot more to say. How about some sample dates that work, and from where? I can’t get anything ex-LAX to come up that doesn’t include a Business Class leg between CDG and LHR, and on the AF site you can only pick one fare class to search on. Getting nothing but € 4,000 – € 7,000+ fares showing up.

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    • CDG-LHR doesn’t operate a first class, it’s only a business class cabin on those A319 planes. It could be that the fare was pulled and is no longer available. I did mention that “right now, through the end of the schedule…”

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  2. Error fare? Really? Do you work for the airlines or something? They use blogs with headlines like this as justification to cancel deals like these. Or is it just about the clicks?

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    • It’s about setting the right expectation. Error fares often come with caveats, and you have to be aware that this is the case. Hence the reason that it’s not there anymore. Trust me, we’re not becoming millionaires over one post about an error fare 🙂 But thanks for thinking that we are!

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  3. Wow that’s a lot of abuse for advising people of a good deal. Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks! Will do

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  4. The first rule of error fares is…

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    • Never call the airline. The second is File a DOT complaint until the bastards cave.

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