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Hello and thanks for reading us here on NoMasCoach!  As you may have figured out, we had one heck of a Labor Day weekend, as we flew over 12,000 miles all over the US and Central America, stayed at a couple of hotels, and earned a boatload of miles in the process.

In case you missed it, here’s all the flights and hotel stays from the weekend.

Flight 1 of 10, Alaska Airlines SEA-SFO, #NMCLaborDay
Flight 2 of 10, AA 1143 SFO-LAX, #NMCLaborDay
Flight 3 of 10, AA 10, LAX-JFK #NMCLaborDay
Flight 4 of 10, AA 200, JFK-MIA, #NMCLaborDay
Flight 5 of 10, AA 4344, Miami to Panama, #NMCLaborDay
Review: Waldorf Astoria, Panama City #NMCLaborDay
Flight 6 of 10, Panama City to Miami, #NMCLaborDay
Flight 7 of 10, Oh God can it get worse? #NMCLaborDay
Flight 8 of 10, ORD to JFK, Almost Home! #NMCLaborDay
Ever walked in on someone else’s hotel room? Twice?
Flight 9 of 10. UPGRADED! AA Trans Con, #NMCLaborDay
Flight 10 of 10, SFO-SEA, Underwhelming Delta #NMCLaborDay

To thank all of you for reading and following us throughout the weekend, we’re going to have a little giveaway.  Since we flew on Delta, Alaska, and American, we thought we would give out gifts from each of the three airlines.

From Delta, we’ve got 6 drink coupons to use before the end of the year.

Delta Drink Coupons

Delta Drink Coupons

From Alaska, we’ve got a pass to the Alaska Board Room

Board Room Entrance

Board Room Entrance

And from American Airlines, we’ve got a Cole Haan amenity kit from the transcon flight

Cole Haan Business Kit

Cole Haan Business Kit

Entering to win is simple.  Over the weekend we had a chance to eat over 10 meals on airplanes, and we had a lot of different experiences, from good to bad.  So, below we’ve got 5 meals that we had on the plane.

All you’ve got to do to win is enter a comment below and tell us 1) Which flight we had the meal on and 2) What was the name of the meal.  That’s it! If you get all 5, you’re entered to win.  If you need help, the links to our trip reports are above.  Good luck, and we hope you win.






The contest will run until Saturday, September 17th at 11:59pm PST where we will release all the comments submitted to the blog.  We’ll keep them secret until that time because we don’t want anyone cheating!  Once we’ve released the comments, we’ll look at all the winning responses, and use a random number generator to select the winner.

It’ll only be open to people who have US mailing addresses, so our apologies to our overseas fans!

Good luck to all.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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