Element Bozeman, Hotel Review

As the only SPG in the entire state of Montana, the Element Bozeman is a bit of an oddity. Element, being an extended stay property, is smack in downtown Bozeman, MT. It also commands a bit of a premium price during the summer. Bozeman is a perfect starting or stopping point for a trek down to Yellowstone.

The hotel is situated just a quick 10 minutes from the airport, so as soon as we arrived and picked up our rental car, the ride was easy. You can tell the property is new as it still has that new paint smell.

Element Hotel Bozeman

Element Hotel Bozeman

We checked in after midnight so we went straight to bed and passed out. We woke up the next morning to take a look at all the offerings the hotel has to offer.

Platinum Benefits

Since breakfast is included in the cost of the room, when we checked in we were asked if we wanted the points or an arrival gift. I’m always one to ask what the arrival gifts are. Sometimes they are really unique (Port Wine in Porto) and sometimes they’re downright strange (a coaster in Bellingham, WA).

This was, without a doubt, the strangest welcome gift that I’ve ever had:

“We have a corkscrew, if you’d like…” – she said with a look of embarrassment.

“A corkscrew? Sounds cool. Can I see it? Does it say ‘Montana’ or ‘Gateway to Yellowstone’ or something unique?”

“Ehh, nope. It is literally a blank silver colored corkscrew. The same ones that we use in the rooms.”


“Yea, so we don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden we got a box of about 250 corkscrews, and since we don’t know where they came from or how they got here, we just decided that we would give it away as our local gift.”

How stupid is that? You’re in a town that has local ice cream, local breweries, and nature at your doorstep, and you give away a shitty corkscrew? Check out the photo.

Wow, just wow. Thank God the rest of the hotel made up for the stupid arrival gift. We took the points.

Hotel Public Areas

The view from the room shows you just how dead Bozeman’s downtown is on a Sunday morning.

Electric Vehicle stations are available right in the front of the hotel.

Don’t have a car and want to get around down? There are almost 10 different bikes for you to borrow and get around town.

Not sure what the hell this is though…

A large and new fitness center (virtually untouched, or just really well maintained)

Small indoor pool. Great idea, considering the winters can get pretty harsh here.

And for those awesome summer evenings, a huge outdoor area with tables, umbrellas, and even a grill for you to use.

Hungry? The Breakfast is awesome. Not only do they focus on healthy options, they’ve got TONS of options. It’s included in your stay.

Fritattas, potatoes, sausage

Element Bozeman Breakfast

Bread and muffins baked in house

Element Bozeman Breakfast

Homemade Bread Pudding, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and juices

Every week they come out with a new option for breakfast. This week they had the Breakfast Taco Station! Check out the fresh ingredients, prepared right before your eyes.

Feeling like something a little healthier and lighter? There is a Chobani yogurt station with tons of fresh fruit to accompany your meal.

The Room

Because of our platinum status, we were upgraded to a corner one-room suite. The extra room was much appreciated as Ben was going to be working from the hotel room all day.

The hotel was decoratred in gray undertones and still after being open for as long as they have, it looked new. As soon as we walked into the room I was impressed! The room was well appointed, clean, and had everything you’d need.

The small kitchenette was off to the right with dishwasher, stovetop, sink, silverware, plates, fridge, and microwave.

Just next to that was a pullout sofabed, desk, and chair. There was a TV and two extra seats as well.

A tall pantry was at the entrance with two more stools and folding table stashed nicely away.

In the bedroom there was another closet and TV. The king size bed was comfortable and plush, and the nightstand had USB chargers (THANK YOU!!)

Element Bozeman Breakfast

Clean, bright bathrooms finished the suite.


I’m glad that there’s an SPG property in Montana. At least now when we go visit Yellowstone (which happens pretty frequently) we’ve got a place to earn some StarPoints. Well, we did while they lasted. RIP Starwood August 1, 2018.

Don’t hesitate to look up this hotel as a clean, crisp, modern, fresh option when you stay in Bozeman.

Have you stayed at Element hotels before? What are your thoughts?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. The $4-5 wine key really is odd. Also, I guess it just proves that I’m getting old and cranky when the breakfast station says scrambled egg whites, and that annoys me. First off, why not offer actual scrambled eggs. Then, why bother scrambling egg whites? What’s wrong with actual scrambled eggs? Archaic of me, no doubt.

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    • I get cranky in my older age too 🙂

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  2. I know this is not your thing, but the Travelodge on Main Street is actually pretty good, although as Wyndham Diamond, I don’t blame if you if you question my standards. 😉

    I stayed there late August, and it was “college students move back in weekend” at MSU. So my wife and I went out and partied like college students, and let’s just say we had a bit of trouble finding the place on the walk back. Night staff were absolute stars in dealing with us.

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    • You’re right… but I do have some stray Wyndham points 🙂

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  3. I don’t blame you. Wyndham is a secondary chain for me, because I like to visit out of the way places in the US where they’re often the only chain presence… or other chains are just as low rent but cost twice as much.

    The downside is you really need to do your homework on each individual hotel, as they have very poor quality control… But some gems as well, and interactions with their programme have generally been good when I’ve claimed compensation.

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