El Nido Airport (ENI), the Cutest Airport Ever

El Nido airport (ENI) is serviced exclusively by Air Swift, the small carrier that mostly services the El Nido resorts. You can read our post about them here.

The flight is a very quick 40-45 minutes, and drops you off at one of the cutest airports I’ve ever seen.

ENI is a single runway airport, and once you deplane, these shiny old buses are here to drive you to the terminal (45 seconds away).

Air Swift Buses Air Swift Buses

The thatched roofed, open-air buildings for both arrivals and departures are right next to each other,

El Nido Arrivals El Nido Departures

and there’s a list of the 10 El-Ni-Do’s to make sure that you don’t miss while in the tiny tourist laden city.

El Ni-Do's :)

El Ni-Do’s 🙂

Upon arrival there is a small lounge with nibbles and drinks for all. Iced Tea and Orange Juice Tang are free for all El Nido Air Swift guests.

Air Swift Arrivals

There’s also a smoking area off to the side if you need to get you nasty habit under control.

El Nido Smoking Area

The security check is as you might imagine, quite simple. There’s a guy, who looks through you stuff. Yup! That’s it!

El Nido Security Area

And the baggage area? Oh it’s that bench over there with the roof. There is an airline representative to check your baggage ticket against your luggage, so don’t lose it, otherwise you’ve got to wait for everyone to claim theirs before you get yours.

El Nido Baggage Area

El Nido Baggage Area

Also a nice reminder about making “bombjoke” and how it’s a serious offense which could land you in jail. Please don’t make jokes about bombs.

El Nido Bombjoke

Just outside the “terminal” are the trikes to take you into town. Each one can fit around 2 small carryon luggage and 2 passengers, albeit uncomfortable. The price is fixed at 300 PHP (which is a rip off at $6, but hey, you’re not going to WALK).

El Nido Trike

After a 15 minute ride where we had to change our positions three times to accommodate the lack of engine power and proper weight distribution, we made it to our hotel for the next couple of nights.

Finally, relaxation could begin… or could it? Stay tuned to see all the drama and fun that unfolded in El Nido!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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    • We’ll have to go another time. We want to make sure we have lots of time to explore the area. How’s the Marriott?

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