Easy Money Making Contactless Pay Amex Offer

Credit cards are really stretching out of their comfort zone to make sure that their card is top-of-mind during this Covid-19 quarantine period.

American Express just launched one of the easiest Amex Offers that I’ve seen. I had it on two of my cards, so chances are it’ll be on one of yours as well.

Contactless Offer

Most, if not all, stores are now offering tap-to-pay or a contactless pay option. It’s been common place in Europe for decades, and now because of Covid-19 it’s been making its way to the USA, slowly but surely.

In an effort to make contactless pay more ubiquitous, American Express is offering the easiest Amex Offer ever. Simply use your card to tap to pay for at least $5 or more and you’ll get $2 back each time, up to $10.

You’ve got until January 15th of next year to use the offer, but it probably won’t take you that long to do it.

A reminder about Amex Offers

I’ll take this second to remind you that if you have American Express cards, and you don’t see this offer on your account, there may be a solution. 

In a previous post, we let you know how you can see more Amex offers on your cards. Simply add offers to your card and new ones appear. Check out our previous post for more detailed instructions.

Savings hundreds or thousands of a dollars a year in Amex Offers is a ridiculously easy way to offset the annual fees, as American Express typically has some of the highest annual fees in the market today.

Do you have the offer on any of your cards?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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