Donald Trump launches a NEW hotel chain

No, no, no… this isn’t going to be another Donald Trump political post (OK maybe it will be), but I sure will try to make it interesting.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump may be best known for his real estate dealings. His name is emblazoned on buildings in such a way that makes everyone else and everything around seem smaller. But, with all the bad press lately, Trump hotels are taking a hit.

The new Trump hotel in DC isn’t filling up like other hotels in the area and taxis aren’t lining up outside the hotel. Rightfully so, I’d say, considering that it is becoming increasingly difficult to say “I stayed at a Trump Hotel last night.” A brand once synonymous with luxury and style has now been tarnished by sex scandals and racism amidst this presidential election.

Trump Hotel

Trump Hotel

So, when everyone sees your name and can’t stand the sight of it, what’s a guy to do? RE-BRANDING!

From, Trump hotels just announced that their new “lifestyle” brand will be called… wait for it…


From the Car Connection

From the Car Connection

No no no … not THAT Scion, but it might be easily confused at first sight. One of the reviews on TheCarConnection of the Scion XB car said that:

The only tarnish to the xB’s otherwise stellar safety package is outward visibility

Yup – sounds like a perfect description for a Trump hotel brand 🙂 Tarnished outward visibility.

It should also be noted that conducted a survey on Trump hotels back in May before things went from bad to batshit crazy. In that survey,

… (we) found the Trump name association to be a troublesome one for his hotel business. Out of 1,554 responses, 56.9 percent of respondents said they were less likely to stay in a Trump Hotel because of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. On the other hand, 23.4 percent were more likely, and 19.7 percent weren’t aware Trump was in the hotel business. The numbers also showed that females were less likely to stay in a Trump Hotel.

57% saying that they won’t stay with you is a YUGE blow, and when 20% don’t even know you’re in business? That’s an even worse bruise to one’s ego.

Like much in the Trump world, it’s a game of “nothing to see here, move on…” and so according to officials in the Trump campaign and Trump hotels, these reports are false. If only we had a way to ask someone to release some returns or some reports to help prove the numbers…

In my opinion, the move is a good one, since it’ll lure people in who have no idea that Trump is behind the chain, considering he’s never been shy about putting his name on anything before.

Trump Steaks

Trump Steaks

No word on when the new hotels are opening or when they’re set to launch, but I’m sure the new opening will be full of fanfare. With that said, would you give a Scion Hotel chain a go?

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. That bigoted racist xenophobic misogynist scamming sexual predator is going down. And we ALL have the responsibility to enable his rapid demise. Just like all the small business owners who he put under by not paying them and then intimated with yuge legal threats to not even try and get up. Scum. Pure and utter human scum.

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  2. It shows the depths of the mans megolamania when he is prepared to allow the invasion of privacy that comes with running for president to completely ruin his business. I have to pick a business to analyse for the corporate finance module of my MBA. Maybe I should make it Trump

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    • Well. You would have lots of material!

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