¡Dios Mío! An Aeromexico 737 crashed into a truck on LAX runway


An Aeromexico plane that just landed from Mexico City into Los Angeles was taxing to the gate and ran into a service truck just a few hours ago. Of the almost 150 people onboard, none were reported hurt, however there were 8 injuries from people inside the turned over service truck. All of those 8 injuries were not life threatening.

ABC7 news from Los Angeles has a great video of the incident and you can see that the truck was tipped over onto its side. You can see that footage here.

Courtesy of KABC7 news

In talking to the fire department officials onsite, it sounded pretty gruesome. On the service vehicle there was a lot of equipment in the back and according to the official, “we spent the first 15 minutes disentangling people from this equipment and supplies that were in the truck.”

Luckily, the plane didn’t spill any fuel even though the wing was damaged. One would imagine that the plane will be serviced at LAX and not be allowed to fly back to Mexico until it’s repaired.

Aeromexico Dreamliner 787, Photo credit to Andrés Bravo Herrera from Airlines.net

LAX didn’t interrupt their operations in any way (except for what I would imagine would be Aeromexico flights) as the airport is quite expansive and this happened in a place where the rest of the operations would be able to continue as normal.

More details to follow soon, but we’re glad to hear that everyone onboard was OK and the injured people onboard the truck will be able to make full recoveries.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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