Did your Uber account get cancelled? Check your email for discounts

Earlier than week many of you may have tried to use your account only to find that your entire was suspended.  For no reason other than what can best be described as a computer glitch, Uber cancelled tens of thousands of accounts, mostly accounts that were loaded with gift cards or Uber cash. 
Considering the amount of cards that were sold over the past few months at a discount via many retailers, the sheer scale of this #UberGate scandal was massive. 
The Uber Support Twitter handle was throttled with angry users from all over the USA and the world wondering what happened to their accounts. 
In the past couple of days, Uber fell on their sword (kind of) and sent out an email to all of those users that were affected. 
So, a $10 discount, twice, for the potential loss of hundreds of dollars. I suppose that Uber didn’t really have to do anything considering now the accounts have been restored, but it’s sign of good faith is a little something to try and woo those people back from the clutches of Lyft. 
The $10 discount is valid until March 30th 2020 so if you’re going to trust Uber again, make sure to use these discounts soon. 

The Uber Support Dilemma

Uber doesn’t have a phone umber to call for assistance. If you have any issues with your account whatsoever, you’re relegated to an automated email system, a twitter account, and an offshore customer service center. 
Often replying with copy and paste remarks, getting a resolution can be frustrating at best. 

I love that I can call most companies and have someone to discuss my issues with pleade my case at least, but in the case of Uber that’s not an option. 

Buyer beware 

This serves as a reminder that we are often at the mercy of these large corporations with no real outlet or recompense in case something does happen. 
When you buy an Uber gift card, you’re hoping that the company doesn’t go under, that your funds don’t disappear, and that you’re able to access them when you need. 

This glitch should serve as a reminder for everyone that the money is not yours. You are buying a digital currency that the company can remove from your account at any time for any reason. Pound your fists on the table in vain. Deep down n the terms and conditions that you blindly accept you give up any right to that money if the company decides that you did something  wrong. 
While a 10 or 15 percent discount is enticing, you should only up the amount of cards that you plan to use in the immediate future, as banking cash in an account that really isn’t yours is not a smart move. 

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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