Our Delta upgrade just cleared as an Alaska Elite!

To anyone following airline news over the past 2 years, it will come as no surprise that Delta and Alaska are frenemies. Alaska and Delta used to have a very strong partnership but over the past few months things have gone sour.

Back on December 19th, Delta and Alaska announced that they would be cutting ties as of May 1st. Any flight that you booked prior to December the 19th and the ended before the 1st of May would earn miles and have all reciprocal benefits, but after May the 1st, you’re S.O.L.

This worked out really well for us as we have a business class trip coming up in April that we booked on Delta, so at least this way we’re going to be able to earn some miles on our favorite carrier, Alaska.

Today we’re flying to Dublin via San Francisco and Seattle, and crediting our Delta flight to Alaska. We found a really cheap fare (around $300) a few months back and figured, “Hey, we might as well be cold and miserable in Dublin instead of cold and miserable in Seattle!”

We flew last night from SEA-SFO on Alaska and stayed the night and this morning we’re flying back from SFO-SEA-CDG-DUB. The things we do for miles, eh?

It makes me feel as if the world is upside down when you see stuff like this happen because it’s so rare!!

Alaska Planes at SeaTac Airport

We’re both MVP Gold 75k members on Alaska, and as of now, Delta is still recognizing our status as “Gold Medallion members” on our boarding passes. They’re also still processing upgrades to first class on domestic flights for Alaska members. Mind you, those upgrades clear after Diamond, Platinum, Gold, AND Silver. Even SPG members and Delta credit card holders are in the mix as well. So while it’s a nice gesture giving Alaska MVP members a chance to upgrade on flights, in practice it never happens. There always seem to be, at a minimum, Silver Medallion members on board that would jump in priority over us.

Well, imagine our surprise on this morning’s flight when we see there are still 5 seats open for upgrade and we’re #1 and 2 on the list! I’ve got to admit this is something I hadn’t seen before and probably wouldn’t expect to see again, especially since the partnership is for all intents and purposes, dead.

Even though it was a short 90 minute flight, the Delta Shuttle seats were large and comfortable, and there was even a meal served. Not a bad deal for a quick morning hop back up to Seattle.

Delta First Class Short Haul

Has anyone else ever got an upgrade on Delta as an Alaska MVP? Or for that matter, are you a Silver Medallion member and ever had an upgrade clear?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Recently on my round trip from LAX to LAS, we got upgraded on DAL. I am 75K and my wife is MVP.

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    • Wow. Looks like we both got lucky!

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