Delta throws 10% off (along with some shade)

Ok, this is starting to get really old.  ONCE again, Delta takes the Battle in Seattle one step closer to being ridiculous.

Delta Alaska Picard

Since 2011, Alaska Airlines has offered a program called Club 49.  This program was created by Alaska Airlines as a way to give thanks to the people of Alaska for supporting the airline for over 80 years.  In their own words:

Club 49™ is a free program within Mileage Plan™ that offers additional benefits for Alaska residents. It’s our way of showing gratitude to the state that gave us our name and the people who’ve kept us flying for more than 80 years.

Alaska Planes

Alaska Club 49

Alaska Club 49

The program offers:

  • Two Free Checked Bags
  • 2 (two) 30% discounts on last minute airfare
  • Special Club 49 weekly discounts newsletter

It’s been a program that has been around for quite some time, and has been a great way for Alaska to give back to those who are WAY up there in the 49th state.


Delta has had a long running promotion, since 2014 to be exact, that allowed Alaska residents to sign up for, you guessed it, 2 free checked bags, discounts on flights, and more.  In fact it used to be called “Alaska, Get your Perks.”  Implying that flying with Alaska Airlines didn’t have any perks to begin with.

Fast forward to 2016 where Delta is doing whatever they can to get more Alaska Airlines fliers.  We just broke the news that Delta was pulling out all the stops to get more Seattle fliers.  Delta is growing fast in Seattle, as is Alaska, as each airline is now trying to lock up their loyal travelers faster than a dog sled at the Iditarod.

Now, Delta figured they could change their “marketing” a tinge, and the undertones are no longer subtle.  Just check out the new pitch:

Leaving Alaska

“Leaving Alaska Just Got Easier.  When you HAVE to leave, take 10% off plus free checked bags with you.”  Nope, no subtlety here.

The terms are as follows from Delta:

Look at that—you’re one step closer to having 10% off in your My Delta account. Just register by December 31, 2016 and fly by January 31, 2017 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.


Get 10% off your next flight’s base fare with travel originating from Alaska to anywhere within the 50 United States.


Book using your SkyMiles® number and enjoy two complimentary checked bags for you and up to eight of your travel companions—no registration required.

So they’re taking it a step further and offering free bags for up to 8 travel companions which seems nice, but do people in Alaska REALLY travel in packs of 9?

From the Daily Mail

From the Daily Mail

Ok so maybe they do… my mistake!!!

At this point I’m wondering when this is going to stop.  Delta is really trying to make a name for themselves in Seattle, but they are taking the low road for sure.  Alaska seems to, despite all odds, be staying on top.  They’ve strengthened their relationship with American and their international partners, they’ve added new routes to new places, and they’re STAYING with the “a mile flown is a mile earned” mentality that has worked for years.  They’ve also made it clear that want to keep it that way to differentiate themselves, as opposed to Delta who seems to just be copying the best that Alaska has already had in place.

If you do live in Alaska and you want to register for the Delta promotion, just click here and enter your Skymiles number!

What’s your take on Delta’s latest attack towards Alaska?  When do you think it’ll stop?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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