Delta One Suites New Routes, Award Seats WIDE Open

Short of the Qatar Q suites, it’s been a while since a business class product has really turned heads. The Delta One Suites, available on a mix of aircraft including the A350, A330, 777 and more, is just that aircraft. With a new seat, sliding privacy door, and upgraded amenities, flying in business class has really got an upgrade.

With the cancellation and suspension of flights to mainland China, Delta has some aircraft to reposition. Because of that, there are some new routes that Delta is utilizing these new planes, and because of that, award space is WIDE open on a few of them.

The Delta One Suite

In a word… gorgeous. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (from Delta’s Marketing Website)

Delta Re-Routing Planes

Since the majority of these planes were used on the Asia routes (Shanghai, Beijing, etc), and since the majority of those routes have been eliminated or suspending because of the CoVid-19 Corovirus outbreak, Delta has to do something with these planes. You’ll find them on a few routes.

Atlanta to London, Delta One Suites

This route hasn’t opened up award space like we would have hoped, but you can still snag a flight on the suite whereas before, it wasn’t available.

Detroit to London, Delta One Suites

Another new route, and yet again, no award space has really opened up. It’s a pretty short flight anyway, so if you’re really going to want to get a lot of fly time out of the Delta One suite, you’re going to have to look for a slightly longer routing. It does provide the new A350 however, a true delight.

Los Angeles to Amsterdam – the Winner

This was a true surprise for us. We wanted to head to Europe for some summer travel, and while Seattle to Amsterdam is also manned by the new A350, the booking was atrocious. 320,000 Skymiles for a one way, wasn’t gonna happen. Until… we saw that we could fly from Seattle to Los Angeles, and then connect from Los Angeles to Amsterdam on the new 777-200LR, retrofitted with, you guessed it… the new Delta One Suites!

Not only is there just one flight, or two flights, or even three flights with availability, the schedule is literally wide open. For summer travel… to Europe!

Some dates even have EIGHT SEATS AVAILABLE! That’s absolutely absurd. You can bring your entire family and a few friends along for the ride.

Book with Virgin Atlantic

While Delta charges 80,000 miles for the flight, if they’ve released the seats to Virgin, you can have that same flight for only 50,000 points. Since Virgin is a transfer partner with a few of the travel partners like Chase and American Express, this is a truly fantastic value that you cannot miss!

Book now, or forever hold your peace…

I would not expect these flights to stick around very long with business class availability, because once the word gets out that you can fly onboard the new aircraft, I would expect people to start changing their planes.

Chances are there are other flights out there, but these are just a few of the ones that we found. Pick around the website and look to see what’s available. You’ll be surprised to see all the options that you have.

Are you going to take advantage of the new DeltaOne Suites?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Waiting for the Holy Grail of DL flights, LAX-SYD, to come down. I’ll jump on that if it happens.

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    • I’ll keep my eyes open.

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