DEAL: Many Cities to Paris and Amsterdam for $350+

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some deals, but the more we talk to people, the more people tell us that the appreciate the deals. With that said, here we go! We’ll get a lot more regular with these, so if there are any cities that you’d like to see, by all means let us know.

Getting to Europe can be pricey, especially during the summer months. Our two favorite months to travel to Europe are April and September, and sometimes carrying over to October. Those are great shoulder months. The weather is improving, the crowds have disappeared, and the the deals start to pop up.

Fare Sale

United Dreamliner via YouTube and Kris Trexler


Getting from the USA, especially the West Coast of the USA, to Europe for under $400 is insane. This deal is good for flights to either Paris or Amsterdam for deals starting at $356.

You can get to Paris (CDG) or Amsterdam from:

  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis

Notice anything? These are the Delta hubs in the USA, and the sale? Well, it’s on United and Star Alliance carriers like Lufthansa. Surprise surprise! Since Delta or their partners offer non-stop flights on these routes, an airline like United has to drop their fares in order to garner customers. 

Most of these routes will go through Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, or another hub. Here’s an example for Seattle to Amsterdam:

The fares are good from Mid September until December and then start back up again in January.

Buy now, ask later

These deals are often only around for 24 hours at the most, especially if they’re just trying to have a short term sale. Remember, that you can buy these tickets and then you have up to 24 hours to cancel them. Go ahead, buy the ticket, and then ask for permission from your work or loved ones later.

That’s what I usually do with Ben, and look, Amsterdam in the shoulder season is just fine!!!

Jon Ben Amsterdam


These tickets are “basic economy” tickets, which means that you won’t get seat assignments, baggage, and you lose your ability to make changes. So you had better pack light and understand that you might be a little cramped in the back of the plane, but you’ll get there and have plenty of time to relax when you get to Amsterdam.

So, ya flying to Europe?

Hat tip to our friends at The Flight Deal

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Sounding fabulous…looking for a flying partner to share costs. Any good deals to Italy out of Detroit? Have a friend that wants us to travel there. She is adamant and I want to see Florence and Rome again.

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    • Nothing yet. But the good news is that flights from Paris to Italy are cheap. Use the discounted ticket to get you to Europe and then worry about the rest.

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