DEAL: Get Airline Miles for 1.7 cents each with Currency Fluctuations!

Buying tickets and hotels on foreign websites is one of the best ways to get a good deal. Often, if the home country currency tanks or is having any sort of an issue, the pricing engines don’t catch up fast enough to fix the difference. Right now, that’s happening in Argentina, and you have a chance to take advantage. Airline Miles are the latest offer, and it’s a good deal.

Argentina is going through a bit of a rough patch this week, and there’s talk that there might be a stoppage of buying dollars, so that made the price of the peso rise against the dollar.

Some people got the message and changed pricing, but not Groupon Argentina! They’re running an awesome promotion right now with LATAM Pass miles, where you can get 40% off the normal price, or miles as cheap as 1.7 cents each.

Latam Millas Groupon

The Deal

These prices are in Argentina pesos, but if you go to google, you can see that the largest package, for 23,040 pesos, is about $1026 US dollars.

  • 2.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $768
  • 4.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $1.536
  • 6.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $2.304
  • 12.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $4.608
  • 32.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $12.288
  • 46.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $17.664
  • 60.000 Miles LATAM Pass for $23.040

Argentina Exchange Rate

How to buy?

All you’ve got to do is head to the Groupon Argentina home page, and the deal is right there on the main site. You’ll be asked to go through a bunch of hoops and even enter your DNI number (I’ve found that a random mashup of numbers usually works, since no one is going to check to see that you actually have a DNI number. MOST are 8 digits long).

Also, it should be noted that usually when I run into issues buying on the Argentina website it’s because I’m using a Visa or a Mastercard. Every time that I try and use an American Express card, the charges go through with no problem.

Just make sure that the AMEX card that you’re using doesn’t have any foreign transaction fees, otherwise you’ll get socked with those.

Best Uses of LATAM Miles

There are plenty of good values if you’re flying on LATAM. Flights inside of Argentina, especially to places like Iguazu Falls or Bariloche can get very pricey, but are available for only 20,000 kms. 

You can also use your miles on Oneworld partners, and they’re great for short haul flights in the USA on American Airlines.

LATAM 787 Dreamliner

Two important caveats however… first, don’t buy LATAM Pass miles if you don’t have a specific use in mind. The worst thing ever would be to find out that you’re stuck with points and can’t use them. Second, remember that LATAM doesn’t allow one way awards, so if you’re going to do this, make sure to do it round trip!

How to search for space

The best website I’ve found to search for space is the British Airways website. You can use others like Qantas as well, but the BA site is pretty good about finding the space.

LATAM Availability on British Airways

LATAM Availability on British Airways

Are you taking advantage of this deal?

Hat Tip to Info Viajera

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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