DEAL ALERT – Get $4 for every Uber Ride!

The day I moved to Seattle was the day that I sold my car. In this town, parking is a nightmare. The cost to park downtown can run $4/hour and the cost to have a space in the building where I work downtown is $350 a month. Not to mention car payments, insurance, gas, etc… no thanks! It was at that point that I started taking a more serious look at uber.

There have been a lot of discounts throughout the years with uber… from Seahawks tickets to Drag Queen rides for Pride, even a spat in London with Uber where the appeal process could take years to resolve. But the most profitable and easy promotion has got be the recent one that’s going on right now.

Shop Your Way

Without a doubt, the most amazing promotion that we’ve been a part of is the Uber and Shop Your Way partnership. Ever heard of Shop Your Way? Of those of you that have, how many of you actually use Shop Your Way to its fullest? SYW (for short) is becoming our absolute favorite program for loyalty and points.

Now, I know what a lot of you are saying right now, or at least I think I do… “But this is a luxury travel blog, and you’re writing about first class travel and 5 star hotels. What the hell are you doing shopping at Kmart?” It’s very simple. They’ve got all the shopping basics we could ever want or need, and now, we can pay for them with points.

We first broke the story that Shop Your Way was offering $2 back in points a few months back and the response was insane. Hundreds of people signed up the first day and we got emails with comments like “whoa, I had no idea. This is going to save my family a bunch on our shopping…” 

If there’s not a Sears or Kmart near you, never fear. Kmart has an awesome online website where they’ll ship almost everything to you. Thats what we’ve been doing mostly when we are in a pinch for something.

Shopping at Kmart

Stacking Promos, Tons of Points for Uber!

Uber often runs promotions that can stack with this SYW linking. There’s been the longstanding SPG/Uber promotion where you can earn Starwood Preferred Guest points by using Uber. That still works with this promo. Uber also often runs discounts of $X off each ride or 50% off each ride. Those promos stack with this as well. 

Holiday Season Promotion

Before we even get into the promotion, let’s get three things straight:

  1. Sign up for Uber if you haven’t already.
  2. Sign up for SYW Rewards. This link will connect your SYW account with Uber. If you don’t have a SYW account already you’ll be prompted to sign up for one.
  3. Go Riding!

Now, with that out of the way. For every ride that you take from today, November 17th, until January 2, 2018, you’ll get double the points back. Instead of $2 on each ride, you’re getting $4 back on each and every ride! An added reason to take Uber for shopping, holiday parties, or just getting around town while traveling!  You can then use the points for purchasing holiday gifts, groceries, whatever you like!

We just got back from Hawaii and were able to use some of the rewards to get tasty island goodies at the store for free. It’s a huge savings for us and we’re able to save hundreds of dollars every single month.

SYW Uber

Sign Up Now!

Again, if you haven’t signed up for Shop Your Way, do so here. You’ll get $4 back for every ride during this holiday season and also get $2 for each person in your circle that you refer to the program. Just sit back and watch the points roll in!

How much have you saved using the SYW/Uber Promo?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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