Crazy Deal: $434 Europe to India in Business Class Round Trip

While this may have limited usage, it’s too good of a deal not to share.

Kuwait Airways is currently offering flights from several European cities to Delhi for $434 round trip. That’s not the price of a coach fare. That’s the price of business class. This includes lie-flat business class seats on several of the the Europe-Kuwait legs.

Kuwait Airways 777 (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Deals

The deal seems to be working from several different European cities including Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, and Rome.

These deals are available with scattered availability in August and September. Head on over to Google Flights and play around with the dates to find the best city and deal for you. These deals can also be booked as one-way tickets starting at $283.

How to Book

Follow this link for round trip fares, or this link for one-way fares. If the deals are still live, you’ll see the prices for Delhi listed first. If not, well…at least we tried.

I’d recommend booking these fares ASAP, as there’s no telling how quickly they’ll last. If you’re on the fence, try booking through an online travel agency, such as Expedia or Amex Travel. Many OTAs, will offer a risk-free 24-hour cancelation. You should verify this and take screenshots before booking though.

Make sure you see a free 24 hour cancellation notice before making a speculative booking!

Where to Credit

Unfortunately, Kuwait Airways doesn’t partner with any major alliances, so there’s nowhere to credit these flights. Kuwait Airways has their own frequent flier program, but considering their lack of partnerships, usage will be extremely limited. For $434 though, can you really complain?

Let us know in the comments if you’re able to get one of these deals!

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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