Cracker Barrel Rents Audio Books?! Who knew!

Living in a big city like Seattle doesn’t afford us many options to hit up a Cracker Barrel. In fact, the last time I can remember being in a Cracker Barrel was in West Palm Beach, FL with Ben and my dad. That was in 2012… and I didn’t really think much of it at all. It seemed a little too… how can I put this… ‘Murica for me.

This past week we took a cross country drive from Michigan to Indiana and onward to Colorado in a U-Haul, and I was honestly concerned about making it the entire distance (especially through Kansas) without falling asleep. My sister threw a curveball my way when she said “you do know that Cracker Barrel rents audio books, right?!”

Cracker Barrel Entrance

Murica! Cracker Barrel

Umm, no I didn’t know that! This would be the perfect way to make the 15 hour drive fly by and get some cool stories out of it as well!

We headed out of Michigan towards Indy and stopped off at the first Cracker Barrel that we found. Being that it was July 4th weekend, it was all decked out in American Flags and all sorts of Americana… or was this just a regular day at a Cracker Barrel?

Out front were a dozen or so rocking chairs for sale, gigantic checkerboards, and even this cute ceramic doll.

Cracker Barrel Checkers

Cracker Barrel Patron?

It looks like someone was having fun because under the bottom of the ceramic doll was the inscription “Take me with you! #CreepyFaces” We ended up taking her off to our next destination and left her there, but not before instagramming a photo of her. I hope that she found a cool home! ☺

Creepy Faces Doll

Once we headed inside we sought out the audiobook rack. The audio books are $34.99 each, and when you return the book you get a refund. The total cost? $3.49 a week. Not a bad bargain! If you like the book you can keep it, and if you wanted just to have it as a distraction, you got a cheep book rental to listen to for 8-10 hours.

The books can be returned at any Cracker Barrel location in the USA so just grab a book and go!

Did you know that you could get audiobooks at Cracker Barrel? What ways do you have to distract yourself on long road trips? Let us know below.

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Your local library has thousands of audio books for free.

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    • Yup – and we use those too. I think the difference is that our local library here in Seattle doesn’t have all the titles that we want and sometimes there’s a wait list.

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    • But you have to return them to that library. Cracker Barrel lets you return them to any location in the country.

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  2. I used to rent or borrow books on tape at Cracker Barrels in one state and return them to a Cracker Barrels in another state as I was traveling. Does Cracker Barrel still offer this service in either tapes or CDs? My husband and I are driving from Colorado to the coast of Maine early in December and would love to have the company.

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    • CD’s yes… tapes no 🙁

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  3. Awesome article. It is so detailed and well formatted that i enjoyed reading it as well as get some new information too.

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