Complimentary MVP Gold 75K on Alaska Airlines

It’s no news that both Jon and myself love flying Alaska, especially ever since we became MVP Gold 75K elites about 4 years ago. We’ve written extensively about all the benefits of their top tier elite status and how easy it is to achieve it in comparison with other airlines.

We never get tired of saying how much we love how friendly the airline as a whole feels to us, from call center agents to check-in agents and all ground and on board crew, as well as their new option to place your elite status on hold if you have a baby. We also have no issues pointing out the bad aspects we keep noticing whenever that is the case, just like we keep filing our Alaska Listens surveys whenever we get to experience something good or bad.

About a week ago, a few of our friends texted us asking us whether we’d gifted them elite status on Alaska – since that is something we Gold 75Ks get to do once a year. When we asked why, their responses were: ‘Well, I just noticed my account is now showing that I’m an MVP Gold 75K member, even if I’ve done little flying on Alaska this year’. Valid question, since we are well known with surprising our friends with this benefit, but the issue is we’re only able to gift MVP status alone, which is the lowest tier in their program. This was definitely not our doing since they are now MVP Gold 75K.

We told them it must have probably been an error on Alaska’s side as that is definitely not a stated benefit, and we confirmed with them whether they’d previously requested a status match through another airline since Alaska is very generous in doing so. Neither of them had done this at all recently, so we were all left quite puzzled.

Once again, a couple of days ago, two of them got back in touch with us to let us know Alaska themselves had sent them an email welcoming them as top elite members and wishing them to “enjoy their complimentary MVP Gold 75K status in the Mileage PlanTM program”. Odd, but I don’t think they’ll be complaining anytime soon.

Complimentary MVP Gold 75K Status

Complimentary MVP Gold 75K Status

I tried doing some research about this mysterious complimentary MVP Gold 75K and really didn’t get anywhere to be honest. Their website states no promotion at this time, their social media has posted nothing about it so far and I’m really running out of ideas as it is.

Maybe they are trying to escalate the fight with Delta since they seem to be invading Seattle pretty heavily for the past few years? I would be easily swayed towards Alaska if they just gave me to elite status to try to tempt me into flying them more if I were a Delta frequent flyer (which is exactly how we ended up fully divorcing Delta and their ridiculous earning) and swapped all of our loyalty to Alaska.

Or maybe they’re just nice, as all of their marketing campaign is focused on these days. They have never been anything but nice to us, from helping us rebook our family members when we screwed up their travel dates to helping us into a Virgin America flight when our Alaska flight was cancelled and I needed to find my way back to Seattle urgently. They really are the airline of nice (“Hello this is Susan from Boise!”).

Or, maybe even more plausible, both being nice and flipping the bird to Delta (which I secretly hope is the true reason, tbh). Whatever the reason is though, I would suggest y’all to go check your Alaska Mileage Plan accounts and see if you’ve been upgraded to MVP Gold 75K status lately without your butt being on their planes for over 75K miles so far this year. You might find a pleasant surprise.

Looking for more information about the Alaska Airlines Credit Card? More here.

Did you get complimentary MVP Gold 75K status from Alaska Airlines? Let us know in the comments below.


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Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Ugh another “carpet bagger” Just we PAYING customers want !! But what you didn’t mention is AS is reducing FC by four count them four seats. There are a lot of us that actually pay for our travel and this is a plus

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    • Hard to understand what you’re saying, but good for you for paying first class fares. If you stick around you might learn how to fly first class while paying economy fares. Thanks.

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  2. Nope, I”m still MVP Gold. Which I got because I had Virgin Gold before the merger. And I got the Virgin Gold based on a status match from AA.

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    • Well that’s not bad at all!

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  3. Great. More 75ks. Devaluation of status for those that earned it. More competiton for the already infrequent upgrades. 75k will mean very little if everyone and Aunt Mae is gifted top status.

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    • Just because others have status it doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get upgraded before you. Also, keep in mind that that status lasts for a year, if they don’t requalify, then it’s gone. No biggie, really.

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      • No it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be upgraded before me. But they certainly could be, whereas without the gifted status the hordes are now have an equal chance. And Alaska next year may continue to hand out 75k status or renew everyone in this promotion. Gifting is nice, but 75k is way too much IMHO, and rubs their top earners the wrong way.

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  4. Still sitting at MVP Gold, but would love to learn how to increase it to 75K without flying all those BIS miles! 🙂 🙂

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  5. No mvp here, no 75K here but I did complain heavily about a non-first class experience when I had paid for a first class seat and voila, my seats were all changed for my upcoming Cuba trip to priority seats. so maybe, just maybe by the time I fly a little later to MSY, I will get the amazing e-mail. BTW we always fly AS unless it is too exhausting to fly them to a city they really do not service. The it is Delta or American. Now if I could just move all of those miles over………

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    • Hi Vicki. I assume you got bumped down when they changed from 4 to 3 rows in first. If that’s the case, and you paid for first, then I believe you should be entitled to some kind of compensation. Give me a call and let us know what they say!

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