Clear Extending Membership for 3 Months – If You Ask

Clear makes getting through airport security a breeze. When there are long lines, Clear helps you skip that line by using your bio-metrics as your ID and getting you to the front of the line. There are barely any people flying through the airport, so Clear really isn’t getting much use as of late. I recently asked for a three month extension to my membership, and the process couldn’t have been easier.

First and foremost, if you don’t have Clear yet, sign up. It’s quick and easy, and could even be free. Having a Delta Airlines Skymiles membership offers an immediate discount, and even without the discount, the price comes out to just over $13/month.

Scrolling through my Boardingarea feed yesterday I came across this Miles to Memories post on how to get a pause on your Clear membership. He noted that you may have different results, but I decided to just ask Clear for a three month extension instead of a full pause. Here’s how it went.

Online Chat

At the bottom of the homepage is a box that says “Chat Us!” After clicking on that, I got this box:

After about 45 seconds, the chat started and I was very direct. I love CLEAR, but I’d like a 3 month extension because we’re not heading to the airport anytime soon. I figured asking for a three month extension would be better than pausing considering we don’t know when we’re gonna be back up and running again.

It took Selene about 5 minutes to get back to me (I imagine there were a lot of people talking to her) but sure enough, she said she would extend it three more months. It couldn’t have been easier.

And just like that, instead of renewing in July I’m renewing in October.

It never hurts to ask

During the next few months, I would utilize this strategy with all of your business providers. Chances are that you’re not using them nearly as much as you were before, so go ahead and ask for an extension or a waiver. It could save you hundreds of dollars!

Have you had any luck getting anything extended, Clear or otherwise?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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