CLEAR adds its next airport… Fort Lauderdale!

Clear has been around now for many years, and all frequent travelers know that it’s the best way to get through security in the blink of an eye. While TSA Precheck used to be the way to go, now the one-two punch is having TSA Precheck AND Clear. Without fail, Ben and I get from curbside to airport lounge in under 10 minutes without exception. Clear is expanding their reach both in airport and outside of the airports, and today just announced their newest addition, Fort Lauderdale!

CLEAR / TSA Precheck Combo

It’s no secret that the lines are getting longer and longer at airport security. Many people are getting wise to the advantages of TSA Precheck. So much so that the lines at the precheck entry points are getting just as long as the non-precheck cousins. Just look at this line of TSA Precheck people when we boarded our flight in Seattle SeaTac airport two weeks ago:

Clear and Precheck

See that line on the left? That’s how backed up the speedy precheck line is. See that line on the right? That’s the CLEAR and Precheck line. If you’ve got both, you can breeze right through. There’s so much free time that the three employees have plenty of time to stand around and chat.

Here’s another day, about two months ago, when we sang the praises of CLEAR. Just look at the difference in lines between the two!

Clear and Pre Check

On this day the overflow for the regular line dragged on at least 400 people deep. The line on the right was a secondary Precheck line that was opened because there were too many people at the other check point. It’s getting out of hand.

How does CLEAR work?

Signing up for CLEAR is easy, especially if you’ve already got Precheck. They’ll ask you for some bio metric information (finger print, eye scan, etc) and then they’ll answer some public record background check questions. Once that’s complete, you’re done! The signup is super painless and takes under 5 minutes. 

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll be asked to place two of your fingers on the keypad or get close in to the scanner and it’ll read your iris. Once that’s done, scan your boarding pass on the machine, and the CLEAR representative will walk you to the front of the line. Boom. You just cleared security.

Fort Lauderdale Airport

Clear is starting out in Terminal 2 at Broward County airport. Terminal 2 serves both Air Canada and Delta, and plans to expand to Terminal 1 are in the works.

The Terminal 1 airlines are:

  • Alaska, Allegiant, Bahamasair, Copa, Silver, Southwest, Swoop, United, and Westjet

Fort Lauderdale Broward Airport Map

There’s currently a connector linking Terminal 3 and 4, and in the next 24 months there will be a connector linking Terminal 1 and 2 and Terminal 2 and 3. If it does take Clear a while to get things up and running, this would be a nice way for you to CLEAR security in Terminal 2 and then walk yourself over to 3 and 4, especially if security lines are stupid long during cruise season.

CLEAR discounts

Now, you know that we don’t like paying full price… for anything. You can sign up with our referral link and get two months for free to give CLEAR a try. I think you’ll like it. Heck, even if you don’t, this two month trial gets your through the STUPID CRAZY Thanksgiving and Christmas travel seasons. That right there is a win. Our referral link is right here, and if you sign up, we’ll also get two months free as a thank you for referring you. We, of course, appreciate that very much.

If you’re a Delta Skymiles member you’ll be eligible for even more discounts. For simply BEING a Skymiles member you get a discounted $99/year rate. Elite members get $79 a year and if you’re lucky enough to be a Diamond member, it’s totally Free! No brainer.

Clear Delta Discounts

Have you experienced CLEAR? What are your thoughts? Share with other readers below!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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