Citi Premier Adding $100 Hotel Credit and Supermarket Bonus

I”m really pleased to see credit cards responding to the needs of consumers during this covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen companies adding extra credits and bonuses to help offset the annual fees for many cards.

Citi Prestige, their high value high-annual fee card got a lot of attention recently, but the mid-tier Citi Premier card had been widely ignored. Many card members, including yours truly, got a letter in the mail recently that makes this card even more valuable than it was before.

Citi Premier Before

As a reminder, the Citi Premier earned under the following structure pre-covid 19

  • 3x on travel including gas stations
  • 2x on restaurants including take out
  • 2x on entertainment
  • 1x on all other purchases
  • 25% more value when you redeem Thank You points through the ThankYou Travel Center

Redeem Citi Thank You points for Flights on Turkish Airlines

Citi Premier soon

As of August 23rd, the earning will change slightly. Two new benefits are coming into play and some benefits are changing

  • NEW! 3x on Supermarkets
  • NEW! 3x on Restaurants including take out
  • 3x on Gas, Air Travel, and Hotels
  • 3x on Other Travel until April 9th, 2021, then 1x
  • 2x on Entertainment until April 9th, then 1x

Also, there will be a new $100 Hotel Savings Annually. Once per CALENDAR YEAR you will receive $100 off of a single hotel stay of $500 or more pre-taxes/fees when you book through 1-800-THANKYOU. Note, this means that you’re probably not going to earn points, elite nights, or the like. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of that before booking.

What is “Other Travel?”

Good question. Citi had a fairly liberal definition of travel, but you can expect to see as of April 10th, 2021 charges like cruise ships, car rentals, and parking garages go back to a 1x earning.

Courtesy of Business Insider

Does this change the card’s value?

For me… you bet it does. The 3x at supermarkets is going to be fantastic, as there are PLENTY of things that I can buy at grocery stores. I’m not too torn up on losing car rentals, parking garages or cruises. I mean, who actually is going to go on a cruise anymore after covid anyway?

Safeway Gift Cards

Safeway Gift Cards

Is the Citi Premier on your radar now?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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