Business Class to China from $550! Error Fare, Act Fast!

Short, quick, and dirty post here. Get on this fare fast. If you want to travel to China in a flat bed for less than the price of coach, this is your opportunity. Business Class to China for $550!

Remember, that you can always cancel 24 hours after purchase, so don’t ask for permission from your husband, wife, mother, friend, etc… just buy the ticket. 

From our friends over there at Secret Flying, this error fare came up today. You can get to parts of China for $531, $550, or even $580. Looks like the flights leave out of San Francisco and Los Angeles and go to China.

Hong Kong Airlines Business Class

Where to Credit?

You can credit Hong Kong Airlines to Virgin Australia and Hainan, so I’d go with Virgin on this one.

From Go Travel Your Way, Hong Kong Airlines A350 Business Class

Want a review?

Our friends over at Go Travel Your Way wrote an awesome review on the A350 experience, you can read about it here. Check it out.

How to Book

Head to Secret Flying and use their links. They’ve got referral links, I’m sure, so I’ll default to them. It looks like they’ve got Vayama as their booking engine. I’ve booked with them before, so it’s a reputable site.

Hong Kong Sale

How to Pay

I’d make sure to use a card that is going to give you some travel protections. Our choice, it should come as no surprise, is the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The Chase Sapphire Preferred is just as good if you’re not into paying a higher annual fee.

Happy Flying!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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