Business Class Sale to the US from $1,000 Round Trip!

There was a huge currency devaluation last night that I’ll bet most of you didn’t know about. Egypt decided to let its currency float freely instead of being tied to the dollar. Instead of the normal 9 EGP to USD, the currency rate is currently 15.56 EGP to USD.

The question for most is… so what? Well, the answer is that when the currency devalues so does the cost of buying airline tickets out of the country!

Egypt decided to do this, in part, to secure a loan from the International Monetary Fund of over $12BN. This was one of the stipulations for said loan.

A version of pizza, and Feteer Meshaltet

A version of pizza, and Feteer Meshaltet

Etihad offers a wonderfully reliable service to and from Cairo on either their A320 or A340 aircraft, and you can connect on to all points for pennies on the dollar thanks to this devaluation.

Currently, we’re seeing flights on the Etihad A380 from AUH-JFK starting in Cairo for only $1014 and change.

etihad booking

Notice that in this picture, you’ll see that there is a discount applied as well. Etihad currently has a 30% off all business bookings using the code “HOLIDAY30”. Alternatively, you can book coach (but why would you do that) and use the discount code “HOLIDAY20”.

Etihad Welcome

Etihad Welcome

Etihad First and Business Check In

Etihad First and Business Check In

Etihad Plane 

Run, don’t walk, to get these deals. Since the currency is fluctuating so much, it might not last long at these prices.

We’re going to be in Abu Dhabi in January and also Africa again in April, so we’re looking at how we can snag one of these cheap Egyptian flights and do some mileage running. You can also book on Qatar for around $1300-1400, or Etihad first will price out at $3300.

We met a guy last weekend who has dozens of round trip flights flying out of Cairo because of the cheap flights. You can also find flights to SE Asia for a few hundred dollars in Business, or go explore around Europe for just a few hundred as well.

Check out some destinations, hunt and peck for some deals. Let us know what you find below!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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