Business Class Sale to South America, $1450 RT!

We’ve seen a lot of fare sales as of late, including a great European fare sale that just launched yesterday, but finding good business class deal, especially that could be used as a mileage run, are hard to come by. We found a great business class sale to South America that you can have for only $1450 round trip, and for you mileage runners out there, it could be as low as 3 cents a mile!

Aeromexico Business Class

Aeromexico has a great business class product including a perfectly wonderful Boeing 787 Dreamliner service including great meals and fully flatbed seats. We flew them from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles via Mexico City last year and were impressed with the service and the plane. A while back they had a sale to Panama which was a steal, but this time their discount extends a bit further south.

Aeromexico Dreamliner over Buenos Aires

Aeromexico over Buenos Aires

While the service isn’t anything mind blowing, the meals were well presented and tasty.




Aeromexico Business Class Sale

Check this out out. This sale actually surprised me, as finding flights that go THIS far for THIS little are hard to come by. Right now, Aeromexico is running a business class sale from JFK New York to GRU Sao Paolo Brazil for only $1450, round trip!

Depending on if you want to stay over in Mexico a day (I know we will) then you can actually fit a 23 hour and 40 minute layover to enjoy the city for a full day!

LAX GRU Layover

Los Angeles to Sao Paolo with Layover

Exploring Mexico City in a day is daunting, but it would let you explore the sights like Tenochitlan, Teotihuacan, and sample some amazing REAL Mexican food.

Mileage Run potential

This trip is a total of just over 6700 miles one way. Being that you’re sort of “backtracking” to get to Mexico City from JFK, it will earn a lot more miles than if you were just to fly direct from JFK.

JFK-GRU Mileage


For those of you interest in a vacation and a mileage run, this offers some fantastic value. These flights book into I class, and some (like the ones we found luckily) book into J Class.

Aeromexico New York to Sao Paolo

Check out the I class booking


Aeromexico Skymiles Chart

How to earn Skymiles on Aeromexico

If you’re flying on Delta and you book into I class, you’re going to earn a bunch of miles. 150% total miles earned, 150% MQM, and, depending on your status, a Mileage Bonus. We’re platinum, so for us this would earn an additional 80% bonus.

MQM = 20,109 (WOW!)

Redeemable = 36,196 as a Platinum member, 44,239 as a Diamond Member

That’s one heck of a mileage run, clocking in as a Platinum at 4 cents a mile and as a Diamond at 3.2 cents a mile. Most domestic mileage runs don’t earn close to that, so this is a great deal.

Alaska Airlines

Our favorite (of course) is Alaska Airlines. Earning with Aeromexico isn’t quite as simple however, as Alaska doesn’t credit anything for I class tickets. Make sure that if you do book and credit to Alaska, you’ll be booked into J, C, or D.

Earning with Aeromexico on Alaska

If you can snag a seat in J, C, or D class, you’ll earn the following:

Qualifying: 16,758

Redeemable: 16,758 Regular, and 33,515 for MVP 75K

Also, it represents a really good deal for Alaska Mileageplan Miles. Who knows how much longer Aeromexico is going to be a partner of Alaska. Delta has a great joint venture with them and for the longest time, you haven’t been able to redeem miles with them via Alaska. I’ll still take the opportunity to earn as many as I can as quickly as possible. 

How to book?

The Aeromexico website can be pretty wonky at times, so we’d suggest using Momondo. We have a partnership with them, as they always seem to find a different OTA (online travel agency) that has tickets for at least $30-50 less each time).  You can book with Momondo by going here.

Other Destinations

Depending on when you want to go, pretty much all of South America is on sale via Aeromexico. You can get great deals to Reio De Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Santiago, Lima, and Buenos Aires. It seems that the deals are out of LAX and JFK, but slightly higher fares are available from most of the other Aeromexico US Destinations.

So – where ya going to go in South America?

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Nice post. I’m going to check this out but I don’t have a visa for Brazil so hopefully I can find an alternative. I’d also like to credit this to air France so that should be interesting as well.

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    • Getting a Brazilian visa isn’t too difficult. You could also transit to another city and then you would be in transit and not require a Visa. Don’t forget the sale is good to other cities as well like Santiago and Buenos Aires.

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  2. Actually, Delta and Aeromexico’s earning structure makes sense and will be here to stay
    since Delta owns about half of Aeromexico

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    • It really does. And it’s an awesome way to avoid the stupid revenue mile earning BS that Delta does.

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