Business Class Deal: NYC to South Africa under $2,000!

For many people, South Africa is a bucket list item. However, the distance and cost can be major deterrents. While we can’t move South Africa any closer to the US, hopefully a business class deal will help make the journey a little more palatable.

The Deals

Kenya Airways 787 (courtesy of Kenya Airways)

Kenya Airways is currently offering flights from New York to South Africa and Nigeria for under $2,000. Johannesburg will run you about $60 more than Lagos, but includes a much more manageable connection in Nairobi.

Some of the journeys to Johannesburg are on the 787, meaning you’d get a flat bed business class seat the whole way.

The Dates

There is currently scattered availability from July to mid-December. As a reminder, since South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are the opposite of the US. The closer you are to December, the warmer you can expect it to be. There is also no minimum stay requirement for this fare.

Want to save a couple hundred bucks?

I’m assuming your answer to the above question was yes. If not…well ok? Anyway, start out on Google Flights and search for the best rate that matches your schedule. For Johannesburg, you’ll be looking for dates where the price is $2,099, while for Lagos, you’ll be looking for dates where the price is $2,037. From Google Flights, you’ll be able to book directly with Kenya Airways.

“But wait!”, you say. “Doesn’t the headline say flights under $2,000?” Why yes, it does, observant reader. This is where the magic of using multiple search engines comes into play.

Once you’ve found your desired dates on Google Flights, head on over to Skyscanner. Plug the dates in to Skyscanner’s search and let it work its magic. You should see new rates of $1,883 to Lagos and $1,974 to Johannesburg.

Where to Credit These Flights

These flights with Kenya Airways book into the Z fare class on all segments. According to, your best bets on this are to credit to Delta‘s Skymiles program or Air France/KLM’s Flying Blue. Crediting to Delta will only give you 100% of the mileage flown, while Flying Blue will earn you 125% of mileage flown.

While this isn’t necessarily the most lucrative flight from a mileage earning perspective, sub-$2,000 business class fares from the US to South Africa aren’t all that common. You should still pick up over 18,000 miles, which isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Good luck and let us know if you’re able to snag one of these deals!

(h/t: zoqfotpik)

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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