British Airways Business Class Sales Continue! Germany to the USA, $1400+

It’s been a blistering week for fare sales. We saw (and are still seeing) $230 fares from the United States to Europe, a $500 fare to Johannesburg, and now British Airways is throwing out some great Business Class deals from Germany to the USA. The lowest fares are to Boston and Philly, but deals can be had to Montreal, Chicago, Miami and more.

These deals tend to pop up in waves, and when deals come up, you’ve got to take advantage. As with most things, the deals start in Europe and end in the USA. While not nearly as straight forward as most fares that depart from the USA, the trend of the cheap Ex-Europe flights continues. 

British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class

ex-Europe Flights

We’ve been taking advantage of these Europe discounted Business Class flights for years, simply booking one Europe trip after another. For example, we started about 2 years ago from a flight that looked like this:

  • November 2, OSL-LHR-SEA
  • February 10, SEA-LHR-ATH

Then, when the next fare sale came around, we booked the return trip:

  • February 16th, ATH-LHR-SEA
  • May 20, YVR-LHR

Athens City Sights

As you can see, we make each trip back home the “start” of another trip back to Europe! It’s been our secret way of scoring cheap tickets like you wouldn’t believe. Business Class tickets are always at least 1/2 the price when you start from Europe, as the majority of flights (in my opinion) leaving Europe are tourists going on vacation. Those coach seats sell fast leaving the business loads light. 

This may not, of course, be the case, but at least that’s what I’ve seen in conversations with fellow passengers.

We’ve been doing this every few months without the fear that a return ticket would show up because, as with all things, they always do.

British Airways A380

Recent Sale

Via our friends over at Notiflyr, we see a fare leaving Germany and heading to (mostly) the east coast of the USA. Fares start at $1414 to Boston and add about $500 when you add Las Vegas or Los Angeles into the mix. From their website:

  • Boston $1414
  • Chicago $1432
  • Houston $1687
  • Montreal $1656
  • Miami $1639

Summer travel to Europe, or from Europe, can get very costly. Many times coach fares can reach this price for high season travel, so it is totally possible to start your own ex-Europe flights like we’ve been doing.

Where to Credit

It comes as no surprise that Alaska Airlines comes out once again as our overall favorite to where to get the most bang for your buck.

The short haul books into J class while the long haul books into I class. That means the short haul flight will earn 350% mileage before elite bonuses (250% counting towards elite status) and the long haul flight will earn 250% mileage before elite bonuses (150% counting towards elite status).

British Alaska Earning

If you credit to American Airlines, both I and J fares earn a 125% mileage credit towards your elite status. A far cry from Alaska’s huge bonuses. You will earn between 2-3 EQM per mile flown, which is nice, but still in pales in comparison in earning.

Upgrade to First

British Airways allows you to upgrade your Club World business class flights to First Class so long as the award space is available. You could buy these fares an as long as there is a seat for sale with Avios, you can call the British Airways call center and move those business class seats up to First Class.

I love British First, but it gets a lot of negative jabs. It’s a perfectly fine product with amazing food and lovely service. Honestly, some of the best food I’ve had outside of Emirates or Etihad has been in BA First.

Have you ever started your trip in another country to get a better price? How’s this BA Sale look to you?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Why are you using a First Class photo as your lead photo for an article on Business Class fares???

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    • Because I don’t have any pictures of us in Business Class 🙂 And, in the bottom of the post, you’ll see that we talk about upgrading to first!

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  2. “as the majority of flights (in my opinion) leaving Europe are tourists going on vacation”

    How do North America based business travelers get back home?

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    • The same way, but since they start in the USA, it’s some screwed up way for the airlines to charge more. Otherwise, there would be no real reason to charge more for a one-way ticket… have you seen the price of one way tickets? $10k sometimes.

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