BREAKING: US lifts restrictions on Cuban Cigars and Rum!

As a continuation of the measures put in place by the current administration to ease relations with Cuba, some of the changes announced today will have a direct effect on Americans traveling to the island country.

Cuban cigars, from Wikipedia

Cuban cigars, from Wikipedia

For years, the Cuban embargo and sanctions meant that travelers coming into the US from Cuba would be limited to US$100 worth of Cuban cigars and rum, which was too low since some Cubans can go for hundreds of dollars each. With the relaxation of sanctions, it was announced today that these regulatory limits would be lifted, allowing passengers – who can now almost freely travel between US and Cuba – to come back stateside with virtually a hundred Cuban cigars and many bottles of rum.

It is estimated that, because of the high market value of Cuban cigars in the US, where they haven’t been allowed for several decades and have therefore become a high commodity, will signify millions of dollars worth of revenue to the Cuban economy. Numbers of American travelers visiting Cuba is expected to double in the next year, bringing that number to 320,000.

Cuban rum, from Huffpost

Cuban rum, from Huffpost

But that’s not all. And definitely not the best part, if you ask me. As part of the same lifting of sanctions on trade, Americans and Cubans will also benefit from cargo shipments between the countries, as well as scientific collaboration, scholarships, grants, and private sector growth.

American passengers still need to obtain permission to board Cuban bound flights, so before you go ahead and light up that totally not smuggled Cuban cigar and pouring that shot of rum in celebration, make sure you in fact follow within one of the many categories that make it permissible for american citizens to travel to Cuba.

Are you excited to visit Cuba and being able to bring back some of their delicacies?

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Can we bring these back from Canada or only when traveling back from Cuba?

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    • I would imagine that Canada as well. So long as you’re within your own personal restriction. According to the Miami Herald:

      Now U.S. travelers can bring back as many cigars and bottles of rum as they like — as long as they are for personal use and they pay the duties and taxes that would normally apply.

      There will no longer be monetary limits on such products purchased in third countries that come into the United States as accompanied baggage.

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