BOOK NOW. Etihad Apartment Award Space OPEN!

Well this is one that you don’t see every day…

The Etihad Apartment is one of the best first-class products in the sky today. From the shower, the onboard bar, the personal butler, the chef, fine china, and ground amenities, it doesn’t get much better in the sky today. Right now, we’re seeing that there is PLENTY of space available to fly in either Etihad Business or the Etihad First Class Apartment.

The problem, of course, is the cost. A one way ticket between Abu Dhabi and London can be $7,000 easily, and if you look at JFK, you’re now looking at upwards of $10-12,000 or MORE.

Mileage Redemptions

We were looking to make some bookings for ourselves next year and I saw what has to be the MOST award space that I’ve ever seen for an Etihad Apartment.

Not only are there two seats available on most flights, there are in some cases, three, four, OR EVEN SEVEN SEATS AVAILABLE. In FIRST CLASS. You could literally take your entire spouse, kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on a first class flight.

Etihad Apartments connected

Etihad Apartments connected

To make things EVEN better, there are up to 9 business class award seats on some of these flights as well. If you’ve got the miles for the flight, you could book out an entire bridal party on one flight.

Etihad First Class Apartment

Etihad First Class Apartment

Take a look at some random dates.

Here’s May 12th from Abu Dhabi to London

How about June 16th, Peak Summer travel to Europe, Abu Dhabi to Paris?

New York is a much harder one, but there are business class spaces in August…

AND NINE SPACES IN DECEMBER ON SOME DATES!! It may be in Business Class, but finding 9 seats? Come on…

Heading from Abu Dhabi to London in December? Here you go… look at this availability.

And here are those promised SEVEN SEATS in First Class. NINE in Business means there are 16 premium seats for redemption on this one flight.

The flight options are endless. If you’re looking to fly in a Premium Cabin, now’s your chance.

The Best Way to Book

We wrote an entire post previously on the best way to book awards with Etihad using American Airlines miles. You can read it here, but just know that you’re going to have to call Australia… it’s just the way it’s going to have to be.

62,500 for a one way ticket to Europe from Abu Dhabi is a steal, especially for 8 hours in pure luxury!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Though I’m in LAX and don’t have the AA balances needed, seeing there is availability here is still great as I am often searching for 4 J seats.

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    • Right on. At least this way you know there are dates where it exists. Careful though. Plenty of rumors put out that AA miles might not be an option soon

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