Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flight Deals

It’s that time of year again… time to get the dust off of those credit cards and start planning you travel for next year. Luckily, this year the airlines have decided to provide us with a plethora of great deals to woo you to their planes. I’ll try and keep this updated as the deals come out, but here’s what we’ve found so far to take advantage of this holiday weekend.


Lifemiles is one of the most lucrative airline mileage programs, but only if you’re into buying miles. Readers of One Mile At a Time can enjoy a slightly larger than the public bonus… a total of 145% bonus. Pair that with their sale on first and business class tickets right now and you’ve got awesome deals to Asia and beyond.

Avianca 787 Dreamliner

Avianca 787 Dreamliner, from

Cathay Pacific

Using the promo code HOLIDAY you can get $1,000 off of business class flights and $500 off of Premium Economy tickets. This provides some great deals, especially if you credit to Alaska Airlines (you still earn a mile for each mile flown). Their promo sale can be found here.

Air China

For our European friends (or those who can get there) round trip flights to Asia and Oceania in business class are SUPER cheap. Their sale page, here, gives all the details. Pricing starts at $1100 for business class and $350 for coach class.


Southwest is offering up to $250 off of vacation packages, so if you like to book your flight and hotel together, you get some cash back! The offer codes are on their website here.

Southwest Airlines Sale

Southwest Plane


Ahh Delta… stop trying to convince people these are real deals. If you’re looking to spend cash money, this is not a good deal. In fact, most routes can be had at better prices other times of the year. There are amazing deals to use your Skymiles however. They have a Cyber Week page that you can find here that will be populated with all of the deals. If you’re a Delta loyalist, check this page out.


Every day there’s a new deal! Today, Wednesday, flights are only from $6, and the deals for the rest of the week will be revealed as the days come by. I mean, we’re not fans of Ryanair, but if you really need to get from A to B, sometimes this is the best option.

Air New Zealand

If you’re looking to get to New Zealand for $200, act fast, because at 10AM they will release 100 seats and once they’re gone, they’re gone. There will be other deals for business and premium economy, so check their page often for the deals.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska hasn’t opened up their flight deal page yet, but last year deals started at $39 each. I’m sure they’ll do something special again, but just head to for the deals. If you’re looking for a killer deal on purchased miles, they do have a 50% bonus for a little while longer. It’s just a tinge under 2 cents a mile, which can provide some awesome value.

British Airways

They will announce their deals midday on Thanksgiving day, so for now, it’s a mystery. Last year we scored FIRST CLASS tickets for $1400, so I’m hoping there are some screaming deals to be had. They’ll post about it on their main website, so no need to go anywhere special.

British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class

Singapore Air

Wanna fly on the world’s longest flight? Right now Business Class is only $1499 each way from Newark to Singapore, nonstop. Yes, it’s over 17 hours … but you can get there and NOT have to worry about flying in coach. It might be worth it, and the sales are live, now. Don’t live in NYC? Choose your departure city and find your deal.


Iberia claims that “Black Friday is now COLOR FRIDAY…” although I’m not sure what they’re going for. Their Black Friday special page is here, but as it stands there’s nothing other than a Madrid round trip. Check back and I hope they’ll update it for more.

WOW At the Gate

Wow Air

At Wow Air, they “jumped the gun” and decided to launch their Purple Friday sale early. The deals are awesome, only $69 to Iceland and $99 connecting into Europe. Want to fly in the summer? It’ll be slightly higher (189-249) but that’s still a great deal. Here’s their sale page.

Where are you heading with your Black Friday deals?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. The WOW deal is awful because those low fares are only apply eastbound, while the westbound fares are ludicrous . And let’s not forget all the fees.

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    • Fly east young man! And use miles for the return 🙂

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