Barcelona Terror Attack near Las Ramblas

Another terrorist attack in Europe today as a someone rammed a white van into a crowd in Barcelona. The current death toll is over 12 and dozens more are injured.

Video footage from the event seems to show a white van with the logo of a rental car company. People reported hearing bangs and screams and were seen scrambling, running into alleys and ducking into businesses.

Here’s some footage from the scene:

It looks like around 8pm local time they got a suspect in custody.

No group has claimed the incident yet, but this is very similar to many recent attacks in Europe, one of the most recent was the London Bridge attack, and of course the infamous Christmas market attack in Nice.

Barcelona Terror Attack

Travel is still safe…

It goes without saying that our thoughts go out to the families of those affected, but this will not change our travel habits. We firmly stand with the belief that the only way that this will change is to keep traveling, to keep sharing thoughts and ideas and continuing to enjoy ourselves. If you stay home, if you cancel your plans, they win.

While it may seem like these attacks happen very frequently, remember that yesterday nothing happened in Barcelona. Tomorrow will probably be OK as well, so don’t judge a destination based on one bad event.

You can read the full story at the Huffington Post here, as they’re updating information constantly.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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