AwardWallet is TRIPLING its price next year

AwardWallet has been an integral part of the way that we track our miles and points. Not only does it track all our hotel points and airline miles, it also tracks credit card points and even some store loyalty programs.

(UPDATE: Price is tripled not doubled as previously title suggested)

If you’re not familiar with AwardWallet, you should be. It makes tracking all your points in one place a breeze, and even shows discount codes and companion certificates! You can do it for free, for sure, but the Plus version comes with a lot more. 


When you want to update the accounts, the free version updates one at a time, and the paid version updates them all at once, saving you lots of time. It’ll also send you updates and reminders for check-ins, flight changes, and more.

They’ve got a cheesy but fun video here explaining what they do:

Weeeeeeeeelllll, if you’re thinking about signing up, you had better do so now. Award Wallet just sent out an email informing them of a price increase on February 1st from $5 for 6 months to $30 a year!

That’s a 300% increase in price, and while $30 is still a decent price for a year, that’s a lot of an increase.

From their email:

On February 1, 2017, the price of an AwardWallet Plus membership is increasing from $5 for six months to $30 for one year. For many years we’ve avoided any price increase, but it has become necessary to maintain the high quality of AwardWallet website and mobile apps for our increasing member base. AwardWallet has been around for 12 years and in the past five years alone we’ve:

  • Added support for 250+ loyalty programs (supporting over 680 total today)
  • Created dedicated teams for our iOS & Android apps
  • Continued to offer a feature-rich product at no cost

The good news is that we are grandfathering anyone who has ever paid for AwardWallet Plus before February 1, 2017, and who maintains an AwardWallet Plus subscription going forward. According to our records, you have paid to upgrade your account to AwardWallet Plus, and you have an AwardWallet Plus account right now.

This price increase will not affect your account (username: XXX) as long as you keep an active subscription to AwardWallet Plus. By keeping your account at the AwardWallet Plus tier, you’ll enjoy the service for $10 per year. We truly appreciate your support, without you, we would not have made it this far with AwardWallet! Thank you very much.

So that’s a bit of good news, right? So long as you’ve got a membership before February 1st, 2017, you’ll be grandfathered in at the $10 level.


If you haven’t signed up yet, click here and get started. It’s our referral link (although if I’m being honest I’m not sure what we get for free…) If you already have an account and you want to upgrade for free, here’s a code to add to your account. It’ll give you 6 months for free, but it’s only valid for the first 10 people (free-mhaukh or free-rsqjtc).

Do you have a plus membership? If not, are you going to sign up right away?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Just as a FYI, I’m pretty sure people would need to also make a payment of $10 for a year of service to actually get grandfathered in.

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    • Mike, you actually don’t make a payment if you have Plus, but you do need to subscribe. The scenarios are:

      1) If you currently have Plus and subscribe, you’ll be billed when your Plus expires, not before. If you extend your Plus somehow (coupon code/voucher) before it expires, it’ll push out the date that you’d get billed. Regardless, if you are Plus now, you will not be billed now — only when your Plus expires.

      2) If you’re not currently Plus and subscribe you’ll be billed now.

      Hope this clears up any confusion

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