Austin American Airlines Admiral’s Club, Review

One of the great perks of the Citi AAdvantage Executive credit card is the lounge access that it provides to American Airlines Admiral’s Clubs. Without it, there are plenty of airports where we’d be without a lounge.

The Austin Admiral’s Club offers a surprisingly large space to relax and recharge before your flights.


The elevator to the Admiral’s Club is located right next to gate 22. The same elevator will take you to both the Admiral’s Club and the United Club.

Head up, turn the corner, and there you are.

The Inside

The club holds easily 100-150+ people. Seating is plentiful and as we were there towards the end of the night, it was also empty.

A coffee station is at the main entrance, flanked by TVs.

Local Austin Art adorns the walls. I loved this one of the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge, a true Austin tradition!

The fare is pretty standard on the inside. Cheese cubes, soup, and a bar (with most things for purchase).

The Downside

Back when we visited the lounge, you used to be able to get access by simply holding the card. Now, Citi and American have made it a little bit harder. You’ve got to be flying on Alaska or American day of in order to get in.

As we fly Alaska, we can get in no problem, but it should be noted if you’re trying to get in. Make sure that you’re on one of their planes!

The lounge won’t win any awards for the most glamorous of fabulous lounge that there is, but considering the alternative is the chaos of the terminal down below, it’s a nice respite from all of that.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Austin has unusually high passenger loads (most AA planes go out 95% full or more – except for those later evening flights. The AA club is PACKED to the gills from about 4:30 to 6:00 when the BA 777, 747 or soon to start A351 departs in the early evening, so be prepared for wall to wall people during that chaotic period.

    The staff of the club is really terrific – many of them have been there since the move to ABIA in 1999. And yes, the artwork in the club and the airport is worth more than a passing glance. The new East Wing of the airport just opened in 2019, and it has some really interesting architecture. The airport also features Austin restaurants – and is largely devoid of chains.

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    • I didn’t even think about the BA flight. I’ll bet that does get slammed with that flight doesn’t it.

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  2. The independent food choices at ABIA are unsurpassed, why you would choose cheese cubes and overpriced alcohol in that club are beyond me. I’ve been a United 1k for ages and now also BA Gold and would never ever ever (and have never) visit either lounge at AUS. The food, free art and live music, plus plenty of quiet corners to hide out in (any gate without a flight upcoming) make the regular airport area much better. Just my two cents as someone who has ABIA/AUS as my home airport and flies a lot!

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    • I’m on board with this – all about indy food/music/life!

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