American Airlines Business Class Sale, New Route, Massive Mileage Run Opportunity!

Jump on this before the rest of Europe wakes up and finds out about it. American Airlines, in announcing their new route between Casablanca and Philadelphia, has launched a major sale on business class flights. You can even get on the inaugural on June 5th between CMN-PHL. Rates start at $700 and you can even route this as far as Honolulu for a massive mileage run opportunity.

Our friends over at launched this deal about an hour ago. They think that the deal won’t last for very long, but the fares are live now (as the deal was rolled out in Morocco today) and are for deals originating in Morocco heading to the USA. Don’t even worry about listing out the cities, literally it’s a wide open map of every destination American flies to or has even considered flying to at one point in their lives.

This sale is for every day, every city, every route, with literally no exceptions. If you want to take the new route on the Flagship Business 757 product, Casablanca to Philadelphia stars on June 5th and you can even head back as far out as the schedule allows (July 5th).

Want to fly before then? You can route on Iberia’s metal across the pond. This allows for some amazing mileage run opportunities. The flights book into D class for short flights to Europe and R class for the overwater portion. You’ll earn 2 qualifying miles for that fare, meaning a flight from Casablanca to Seattle and back will net you in the neighborhood of 24,000 EQM.

How to get Status Easily, Cheaply

If you’re looking to do a mileage run for status, with three round trips, you can have over 100,000 EQM. Check this math:

Casablanca to Honolulu

Casablanca to Madrid to Dallas to Honolulu… nets you just over 18,500 butt-in-seat miles


18,514 miles, earning 2 EQM gets you 37,028 on each flight. Multiply that by three flights and you’ve got 111,084 miles towards status. Winning.

But what about BA?

Earning with British Airways, you can get BA Gold in just practically two round trips. Starting as a blue member…

Casablanca to Madrid – 40 tier points

Madrid to Dallas – 140 points

Dallas to Los Angeles – 40 points 

Los Angeles to Lihue – 140 points

Total Earned = 360 each way, that’s 720 round trip, 1,440 after two round trips. Since it only takes 1,500 tier points to get gold status, you’re practically there.

How to Book?

You can book these flights directly on American Airlines’ website, or through Google Flights, which will re-direct to the American website. Feel free to have some fun with the routings, and happy flying!

This. Will. Not. Last. Long.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. CMN-MAD-DFW-HNL-DFW-MAD-CMN huge on TP!!! There are some really interesting routings coming into play. Deals you can fly as soon as tomorrow (R Fares – if you want J, wait until June). Don’t be afraid to get in there and mess with this one and find some really unique routing. Stopover rules and HIP rules are being ignored by many OTA’s Man this is fun!!!!!

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  2. Cheap fare gone as of 9:00 am Pacific time. Cheapest RT fare to PHL,DFW,LAX around $3K

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    • Dang. Well, I am glad to see that a bunch of people got it!

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