Amazon Black Friday Deals Updating Every Hour

Amazon has a massive Black Friday sale, and they’re updating new deals almost every hour on the hour. Just like they say about the weather in Seattle, If you don’t see a deal you like now, come back in an hour.

We’ve highlighted some of the good ones that we’re taking advantage of, and think you should too.

Big Tech

Just a few of our favorites that we use (and love) while we travel, and are currently on sale for great prices.

Apple MacBook Air

I’ve been a Mac user forever, and the MacBook Air is what I use when I’m traveling. The battery has a long life, it integrates perfectly with all the other toys and gadgets that I have, and it barely weighs anything. I don’t leave home without it. It’s currently $300 off so grab this now if you were in the market.

MacBook Air from

Google Pixel 4

We’ve used Google Fi (referral link, please and thank you) while we travel overseas because paying AT&T $10/day is absurd. For sometimes as little as $20/month we have full data and calling access all over the world. The Google Pixel 4 is their new powerful addition to the phone lineup. We’ve got an old Pixel 2, but with this price, we’re upgrading to the Pixel 4. It’s $200 off for only $599.

Midsize Tech

Echo Show and Ring Doorbell

Who doesn’t love video doorbells? It’s a great way for us to keep tabs on our house when we’re not here. Now, for only $10 over the normal price (currently at $139) you can get the Ring Doorbell AND the Echo Show. Much like the smaller google mini and the echo dot, the echo show lets you watch movies, make video calls, and do more in a small package. Safety, Security, and Connectivity? Yes please.

Ring Doorbell

Bose QC35 for only $249

This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the Bluetooth Wireless Bose Headphones. Sure, they’re in Rose Gold, but if you want Black our Silver they’re a good value still as well. This is the (rose) Gold Standard for wireless headphones, and at $100 off you really should not be thinking twice about this deal.

Small Tech

Tile Trackers

Do you lose stuff like I do? No seriously, do you really lose stuff like I do? Because I lose a LOT. Before the tile trackers, I would spend hours looking for things that I left all over the house, but with these little gems, you can easily find where your things are! Four packs for only $34.99 is a steal. Don’t need four? You can get them in 1 and 2 packs as well.

Amazon Smart Plug from

Smart Plugs

Every piece of Smart Tech on the Amazon website has $5 smart plug add-ons. It turns any regular dumb plug into a smart plug, and for $5 you can’t go wrong. Turn on appliances, turn off lights, start and stop charging, the possibilities are endless.


We’re always in need of new SD and MicroSD cards for our digital cameras when we travel. Coming back home, we download all of those onto our laptops and they fill up… FAST. Last year we started using these 1TB external hard drives to store images from our trips, and we have one for every couple of months (we take a lot of pics…)

Here’s all the best Sandisk and WD storage deals this year. 


Got kids? Amazon has put out a plethora of doorbuster for the little ones. I’m not going to try and understand what goes on in the world of those under the age of 14, because I can’t tell any of these apart. If you’ve got kids, you know what the news thing is. Check out their page here and look at all the deals.


Just as an afterthought to close out the post… when did televisions get so cheap? I just looked up this Samsung 58″ TV for under $500. It’s a smart TV, it’s got Ultra HD, and it’s about as thin as a half a deck of playing cards.

Keep refreshing the Amazon page, they’ll launch new deals almost every hour as the deals sell out. Happy hunting!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. They added a Google Fi offer – 50% of the price applied as a credit to your service. For me, that’s excellent.

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