Alaska Airlines just went Dark – System Wide Outages Reported

Alaska Airlines has just reported a system wide outage that is affecting all areas of their business. As of now, you’re not able to log in to the website, buy tickets, change tickets, look at flights, or do anything related to tickets. Check-in is also affected on line and at the airport.


Alaska Airlines went Dark


A message on the homepage of Alaska Airlines’s website states the following:

System Outage: A system outage is affecting our guests ability to purchase tickets or check-in online/via airport kiosks. This outage affects, our call centers, and the airport. We are working quickly to resolve the issue and appreciate your continued patience.

If you want to change flights, book flights, or even check in to your flights on your phone, website, or EVEN the airport kiosks, you’re not able to. This is likely due to a SABRE outage that seems to affect American Airlines as well.

Delays at the Airport

One representative that I spoke to said that when this happens, delays at the airport can back up hours and the airline goes into what he called “hot mess mode…”

If you’ve got a flight today on Alaska (or American) make sure to arrive with PLENTY of time to spare at the airport or you might miss your flight.

Have you been affected by the outage?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. 4:09 pm Eastern Time. website is working

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    • Thanks for the update! Glad to see it’s up and running

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