Alaska Airlines Cyber Week Sale from $34!

While some airlines announced Cyber Monday sales, or 20% discount codes, or cheap routes, Alaska Airlines went all out and announced a Cyber Week sale, with these deals lasting until December 5th. So while you don’t have to buy TODAY, you should buy soon.


Alaska Airlines always runs fantastic sales, but this one is particularly good. Deals start at (ignore the above photo) from $34 and go up from there. Some trans-con routes are going for $99 one way, making for some FANTASTIC mileage run opportunities.

You’ve got to purchase your flights before December 5th, and travel must be completed by March 8th. This is my favorite time to get tickets for some early year mileage runs on the cheap.

Seattle to Raleigh-Durham is $99 one way.

Los Angeles to Portland or Seattle, $59 one way.

Los Angeles to Baltimore, $129 one-way.

Anchorage to Baltimore, $129 one-way.

There are HUNDREDS of sale fares, and you can absolutely take advantage of one because there’s a good chance that Alaska serves you or an airport near you.

Lets look at a mileage run example that I love taking advantage of, Seattle-Raleigh.


Seattle to Raleigh clocks in at 2,354 miles one way. For a return trip, that’s 4,708 miles. Remember that Alaska is the only airline in the US that still credits 1 mile for each mile flown. This is why they will always get my business.


If you took advantage of the Status Match we wrote about a few weeks back, hopefully you’ll be at MVP Gold 75k status. With the 125% bonus, you’ll be earning a total of 10,593 miles for this flight. That’s 1.86 cents a mile, and in any book, that’s a fantastic deal.

Another great flight is Bellingham, WA to Maui. Bellingham airport is about a 90 minute drive from Seattle, and it doesn’t have the stress or crowds of a Sea-Tac. That flight right now is at $199 one-way. Clocking in at 2,681 miles, a round trip nets 5,362. With the MVP bonus, you’d net 12,064 miles, for a total of 3,3 cents a mile. AND you get to go to Hawaii. That’s a win for me!

Go ahead and grab some tickets and if you’re going to be on a Raleigh or Boston flight, let me know. Chances are that you’ll be sitting next to me in first class!

To find availability, just head to and put in your city!

Where are you going, and which fares did you get good deals on?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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