Alaska Airlines 10% Discount on All Flights

June is Pride Month. LGBTQ+ festivals have been in full force all over the world and everyone from major corporations to small organizations are doing whatever they can to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Alaska Airlines is no different, and for all those that attended the Seattle Pride parade this past Sunday (and I would also assume the San Francisco parade) were given coupon codes for 10% off flights on Alaska Airlines.

So, you didn’t go to pride? That’s ok. No one’s perfect! We managed to grab a stack of about 50 coupons from a friend who works for the airlines and marched in the parade, and we’d like to give them out to our loyal readers like you.

The conditions for using the coupon code are pretty basic. You’ve got until August 31st to use the discount code. One of the awesome parts of the coupon is that you can load it to you account to be used at a later date, just don’t forget to use it!

Pride is in the Air Discount!

Pride is in the air. Alaska Airlines operates 1200 daily flights to 115+ destinations nationwide. For a limited time, save 10% on all flights (except Prudhoe Bay for some stupid reason). Travel between August 21 and November 7, 2018. Purchase by August 31, 2018.

Go to to book your flight. Enter your authorization code, and go!

How to Get a Code

We want to get these codes to as many people as we can. So there’s a couple simple steps you’ve got to do to get a pass:

1) Make sure you’re following us on Twitter.
2) Tweet at us telling us where you’re going to fly with your 10% discount code.
3) Include the Hashtags #FlyWithPride and #IFlyAlaska
4) We’ll give codes to the first 25 people who tweet with the above guidelines and the next 25 we’ll set up a raffle and give away to those who tweet following the rules
5) Act fast to make sure to get your code!

That’s it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the discount and next year join us at Seattle’s Pride Parade.

Happy Travels!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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