Airfare Sale: Seattle to Beijing or Shanghai, $450!

Just yesterday we posted about a great deal from Boston to Italy, as it seems like deals from the East Coast to Europe are quite popular and sometimes can be easy to come across. From the West Coast, the deals to Europe are harder, and sometimes the deals can be easily had to Asia instead.

In what seems to be a recurring theme lately, Canada is once again the gateway to good deals. Currently Air Canada is running a fare sale to Beijing and Shanghai for ~$450, round trip!

The deal seems to be good from today until mid April. You can actually stay up up to 60 days and get the same fare on the return. For example, if you left April 17th, you could return up to June 16th and not be charged any extra. The fare from SEA-YVR-China-YVR-SEA is only $457!

Here’s a screen shot of the flight to Beijing

Seattle to Beijing

Seattle to Beijing

And here’s a screen shot of the flight to Shanghai:

Seattle to Shanghai

Seattle to Shanghai

There’s no telling when the sale might end, so just go ahead and book it today. Remember that you’ve got 24 hours to make changes to your flight, so if you’ve been thinking China is on your list, go ahead and get it booked, confirm your plans tonight and tomorrow morning, and if it doesn’t work, back out with no problem!

Are you going to go to China?你要去中國嗎?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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