Air Canada’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Not to be left out of the American Thanksgiving and Black Friday fun, Air Canada is at it with their own Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Some of the deals are a hard pass, but then again, there are a lot of long haul deals that look like they could provide some awesome value.

Air Canada Black Friday

The sales are broken down into two chunks, the first being airfare TO Canada, and the second being for trips from the US to International Destinations (with a stop in Canada).

Deals To Canada

Fancy some Canadian winter? Here’s a couple of the highlights:

  • Maui to Vancouver, $144 o/w
  • Phoenix to Toronto, $121 o/w
  • Boston to Vancouver, $124 o/w
  • New York to Toronto, $66 o/w
  • Miami to Montreal, $134 o/w

Deals to the World

Here’s where the good stuff really comes in. If you’re willing to make a stop in Canada en route to your final destination, there are some killer deals to be had.

  • Boston to Shanghai, $385 r/t
  • Chicago to Paris, $474 r/t
  • Los Angeles LAX to London LHR, $385 r/t
  • Los Angeles to Dublin, $435 r/t
  • San Francisco to Barcelona, $374 r/t
  • Seattle to Beijing, $375 r/t
  • New York City to Lima, $615 r/t

Flight times, dates, and months vary by destination, so best if you head over to Air Canada’s website and search for the best deals.

Where are you buying flights to this Black Friday?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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