Aeromexico wants our help saving porpoises

There’s always been a lot of reasons to like Aeromexico. One of them was their poignant campaign last year against Trump’s wall that Mexico will not be paying for. But now, Aeromexico is also appealing to our green hearts in order to help save an endangered species.

If you were able to save the most endangered cetacean species in the world, wouldn’t you? And what if you could get a free flight for two passengers out of it? For me, the answer is pretty clear; an astounding yes. 

Expedicion Vaquita

Expedicion Vaquita

In the Sea of Cortez, all the way north inside the Gulf of California, there is an endemic species of porpoise locals call vaquita. It is not, as one would assume, a small cow nor does it look like one. They are the smallest cetacean in the world, and as of last year, also the most likely to go extinct. There are only 30 known individuals as of November 2016, and the species has been classified as critically endangered for years now.

Their population decline is almost exclusively due to by catch by illegally fishing with gill-nets for other fish, mainly totaba, which is also endangered. Despite government intervention in trying to stop these illegal fishing activities, the Mexican harbor porpoise has continued to decline. From an estimated 600 vaquitas in 1997 to the current 30.

What we can do to help

Aeromexico has partnered with ‘Explorando la Vida’ Organization carry out the ‘Expedicion Vaquita 2017’ expedition this year, which revolves around three pillars in order to help save this species from extinction.

  • Documenting the species in its habitat.
  • Developing and nurturing Mexican conservation efforts.
  • Generating scientific literature to aid its conservation.

Anyone who donates at least $5 to the conservation efforts will be entered in a domestic flight giveaway on Aeromexico. Anyone who donates at least $25 will be entered for an international flight on Aeromexico. 

Vaquita Aeromexico

Vaquita Aeromexico

All you have to do is go to Aeromexico’s giveaway page and follow three very easy steps.


Vaquita Aeromexico

Vaquita Aeromexico

Once you send them the receipt of your donation, which happens on an external website not unlike gofundme, you will be entered for the giveaway.

I donated about $28 and they will include a package of pictures taken during the expedition once it’s taken place. I definitely won’t feel those 28 bucks but I will know I’m helping conserve these beautiful animals. And I might in the process win a trip to Mexico City on Aeromexico, which has announced direct flights from SeaTac starting this year.

Please donate and good luck on the giveaway!


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Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Thanks for posting and spreading awareness of this issue.

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    • Our pleasure, Crystal! Share it with everyone and spread it even more 😀

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