A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to my First Love


Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. A true testament to love. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Love, love, love this! Thank you!! My husband and love to travel. We have begun to with our kids. Some say they are too young to understand/appreciate traveling at such a young age (our oldest was 4 when he saw the Efiel Tower for the first time, our youngest took his first int’l flight at 1.5 yrs). It’s so important for them, and expirencing travel with kids helps to expirence the world all over again. Xo.

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    • Absolutely! The younger they are, the easier it becomes to travel with them, both because they’re used to it and because parents learn all the ins and outs of traveling with kids!

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    • Of course we’re going to see each other again! So much, in fact, that we’re going to leave London and head north to see what else the country has to offer!

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