A Review of the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha

When traveling internationally, a good business class lounge can make or break your layover. Knowing that you have a clean, safe, quiet, relaxing area to head to while connecting between flights takes a huge stress off of our shoulders, especially connecting through a city where we aren’t familiar with the airport itself.

Qatar Airways has various lounges in the Doha Hamad International Airport, but the one that you’ll have access to flying on a Q Suites Award Ticket or a cash ticket on Qatar Airways is the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.


We had a 7-hour layover on our recent trip back from the Seychelles to the USA, so that gave us ample time to explore all parts of this immense and gorgeous lounge.

Check in couldn’t have been easier, as we simply presented our boarding passes to the reception agents and we were welcomed in.

The lounge is situated just above one of the many duty-free shops all throughout the concourse. Signage is easy to follow, just head up the escalator to get in.

The lounge itself is “open air,” if you consider a three-story building open air. Sure, there’s a ceiling, but it’s all open. This is great for those of you looking for better air circulation in times of Covid-19.


The first stop after along overnight flight was to clean up and have a shower. There are two sections of shower stalls, and both are first-come-first serve. The first is in the main section just after entrance inside the restrooms.

Careful, as these only have 4 stalls and they can get full pretty quickly. Luckily, the receptionist told us that in the quiet area they had 12 stalls, and there was typically no wait there, as most people didn’t even know about them.

Sure enough, we walked all the way down to the quiet area/dining area and found our way in.

Pro Tip – the quiet area is located in the REAR of the dining area, and there is typically a long line to get into the dining area. Don’t make this line, just walk to the front and say “quiet area” and you’ll be allowed access. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting for 20-30 minutes for no reason at all.

Note, Qatar takes this quiet area concept VERY seriously. You’ll have to whisper to the check in agent and keep your voices down. They will monitor is seriously, as we saw them remove a guest for being too loud. Quiet means quiet.

The shower area was clean, private, and huge. It had its own toilet facility so you can do all your business at the same time. It frustrates me when you head to some lounges and their shower stall is literally only a shower. Qatar doesn’t disappoint here. Also, the water temp was warm immediately and the pressure was fantastic.

Dining Options

Speaking of the dining area, if you’re looking for a seat-yourself buffet style area, this is that place. You will have to wait to be seated, but then you have free range of all the food options available to you.

The better of the two dining options is reached by means of an elevator or this spiral staircase of to the right of the main entrance. Note, that once the lounge gets popping around 6-7am, there WILL be a line to get in along with someone making sure that you don’t skip the line.

If you want to skip the line, however, just head to the elevator and tell them that you just came down to use the bathroom. You’ll get straight upstairs and finding seating will be a breeze.

You’re welcome 🙂

Once you’re upstairs you’ll find plenty of seating with QR codes for menus. A waiter will be over to your table in a matter of seconds, so don’t feel too rushed if you haven’t had time to even see what options there are. The staff are all very friendly and eager to help!

You can order fresh made to order eggs and coffee beverages here along with tea and some pastries as well.

While you wait, feel free to head over to the buffet here as well or take some sips from the wine bar.

Lastly, please save some room in your stomach to sample the pastry cart. All these pastries are made fresh daily and include everything from apple danishes to multigrain rolls and everything in between.

My favorite, in fact the one I always get when I travel to the middle east, is the Zaatar Croissant. Nom, nom, nom.

Access and Features

If you don’t have a business class ticket, never fear. You might still be able to get in to the lounge.

If you are a OneWorld elite member (Emerald or Sapphire) traveling in the economy cabin, you’ll be granted entry. Also, if you have elite status with Qatar you’re going to be allowed in, but I can’t imagine that’s many of you reading this blog.

Paid entry is also available, but with so many other lounge options in the airport for free (Priority Pass, for example), paying for this lounge might not be your best bet.

The lounge is so huge that is really is not a problem to find a place to sit anywhere. Plants, water features and fountains abound in the shared spaces. At each chair there is a charging station for your devices and an iPad which you can use to order food or learn more about the lounge facilities.

Honestly – just look at all the seating options. Truly, if you can’t find a place to sit, you’re not looking hard enough

Overall Impressions

This lounge is amazing. It’s truly gorgeous with no feature left to think about. You need food? There are about 5 different locations. Thirsty? You can get coffee, water, or wine. Up to you. Not feeling fresh? Over 20 shower stalls are yours. Need some social distancing? There are plenty of places for you to stretch out and not see anyone else.

I truly appreciate the time they put into making sure this lounge checked off all the boxes. Don’t miss out on your next trip through Doha International Airport!

What’s your favorite airport lounge? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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