Earn $2 in points for Uber Rides!

Anyone who knows us or who reads this blog knows that we love discounts, points, and miles. And what better place to earn them on something I use almost every day. We’re here to share with you a way that you can get $2 back in points on every single ride that you take with Uber. Straight up points for Uber rides! And what I think is the best part of all is that it’s stackable with other discounts and promotions as well!

If you need to get around town, and you don’t have a set of wheels, there’s no more ubiquitous option than Uber. The ridesharing app has tens of millions of users worldwide, and it’s rapidly becoming our go to option when we travel. We’ve used it not only all over the US but it’s an awesome option in Europe where taxis are known to rip off foreigners or take them for a ride around some blocks to jack up the fare. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to take your ride, pay your fare, and then just a few days later get an email saying “Thanks for riding! You just earned $2 in points!” That’s exactly what you can do.

SYW Uber

Sears and Kmart

How many of you have heard of Sears? Kmart? What about Lands’ End? When’s the last time you headed to your local mall to shop at a Sears or a Kmart? We’ve got 2 Kmart’s within about 20 miles of us here in Seattle, but they are pretty far for us. The Sears isn’t too far, but since we don’t have a car (hence the Uber rides) usually we don’t head that far out of town. Luckily, sears.com and kmart.com have shipping to our house, so distance isn’t an issue! ☺ With that said, how many of you knew that they have a points based loyalty system?

Shop Your Way

Ever heard of Shop Your Way? Of those of you that have, how many of you actually use Shop Your Way to its fullest? SYW (for short) is becoming our absolute favorite program for loyalty and points. Now, I know what a lot of you are saying right now, or at least I think I do… “But this is a luxury travel blog, and you’re writing about first class travel and 5 star hotels. What the hell are you doing shopping at Kmart?” It’s very simple. They’ve got all the shopping basics we could ever want or need, and now, we can pay for them with points.

From their website:

As a Shop Your Way member, benefits include:

  • Earn at least 10 points for every $1.00 spent on qualifying purchases
  • Earn and redeem points at Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End, Sears Auto Centers and shopyourway.com
  • Return merchandise without a receipt
  • Access a member-only website to review purchases online, check your point balance, and manage your account online
  • Shop and earn points on hundreds of your favorite brands through their Rewards Brands network.
  • Choose to receive an eReceipt for all your purchases
  • Exclusive offers when you reach VIP status

Uber and Shop Your Way

Uber and SYW partnered up not too long ago, and we couldn’t be happier. All you’ve got to do is link your SYW and Uber accounts and you’re going to earn $2 in points for every ride you take. Simple! That’s it! Just click this link to sign up and you’ll start earning right away. Of course it goes without saying that we’re going to earn a couple of bucks for the referral, but then once you sign up you can get your own referral code as well. Tell your friends so they can start earning too. It’s a no brainer.

SYW Uber

But I don’t shop at Kmart

Why not?! Everything that we need we can just as easily get at Kmart or Sears instead of a big box store or that A to Z website that’s out there. Just in the past couple months we’ve purchased toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, water filters, laundry detergent, dish detergent, soap, snack bars, bottled water, canned tuna, and more. All the things that you’d buy somewhere else, that you don’t HAVE to because you’re getting it with the points you’ve earned through your partnership.

We just had our luggage damaged and when it came time to get a new one, we headed over to Sears.com and got it shipped, free, and it arrived in three days. You can’t beat that!

Stacking Promos, Tons of Points for Uber!

Uber often runs promotions that can stack with this SYW linking. There’s been the longstanding SPG/Uber promotion where you can earn Starwood Preferred Guest points by using Uber. That still works with this promo. Uber also often runs discounts of $X off each ride or 50% off each ride. Those promos stack with this as well.

Sears and Kmart often have shopping portal bonuses for shopping as well. We’ve seen Sears as high as 10-12x before, so just imagine combining that with all the rewards you’ve earned! While I’ve seen it said that purchases made with SYW rewards don’t count for the additional cashback, you can still earn for doing your regular purchases at their website. We use TopCashBack and right now they’re offering 8% cashback on Sears and Kmart purchases. If you don’t have TCB, what are you waiting for? We love them. You’ll earn $10 after your first purchase as well. See? Stacking is awesome!

Shopping at Kmart

Next Steps

It’s really quite easy. If, for some reason, you don’t have an Uber account, click here and you get signed up right away.

If you’re already got an Uber account, you can link your accounts on the SYW website here. It’s easy, takes about a minute, and you’re done.

So, with that said, go ahead and get your accounts linked up right now!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. You must be the last person to: 1) still shop at Sears and KMart, and 2) happy about it.

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    • The stores were full when we went… and why not be happy about getting stuff for $0?!

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