Some Amazing Cyber Monday Deals to Pick Up Now

Cyber Monday is here, and every retailer on the planet is clamoring for you business. Here’s a round up of some of the travel and non-travel related deals out there that you shouldn’t miss!

Honestly, you can’t move a muscle on the internet today without accidentally tripping onto a Black Friday sale. 

Here’s a couple that we’ve taken advantage of this year!

British Airways

Round trip economy flights with car and hotel for a week are from the $500’s and round trip Club World business class flights are clocking in at $1600. That’s a fantastic deal for flights to Europe. No first class sale this year, but with prices like that for business class, it’s going to be worth a look. Here’s a link to their page.

British Airways Club World Suite (courtesy of British Airways)

Travel Clothing – Bluffworks

A couple weeks back we mentioned that our absolutely favorite clothing, Bluffworks, went on sale. The sale is only gong for a couple more days, but if you want 30% off of the best travel clothes we’ve ever used, you better head over to their site right now. 

It’s comfortable, stylish, and if you’re looking for clothes that you can travel with and not be worried about wrinkles, smell, and complication, there are the clothes for you.

Four Season Sundowner

Wow. Amazon is pulling out all the stops for Cyber Monday, including a live stream where they launch new deals every 15-20 minutes or so. They’re going old school home shopping network with people displaying the products as well.

The Oculus VR Headset is going for $119

Bose QC35 Wireless Headphones are $279

Insignia 32″ Fire TV edition TV for only $99. Seriously, under $100

It seems like every toy on the planet is on sale too…

If you missed our post two days ago on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, most of them are still live as well.

Want to save a ton of money on a hotel stay? has (at time of posting) about 17 hours left in their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Hotels are up to 40% off all over the US and the World, so it’s worth heading to their Black Friday deals page and checking to see if your hotel is on sale.

Sure, you might not be able to claim your elite benefits for a Marriott or a Hilton, etc, but if you’re really staying at 40% off, does it matter?! Black Friday

There are hundreds of deals right now on Best Buy, and they’re all listed on their main page here. If you are looking for some gems, we picked a few out a couple of days ago, and for the most part the deals are still active.

Airlines, Airlines, and more Airlines

Stephen wrote a comprehensive list of the airline deals that were going on for Black Friday. The majority, if not all of the airlines, are still running the same sale through end of day today. If you’re looking for some local Pacific Northwest action, Alaska has their Cyber Monday sale going on right now and deals start from $29. Seriously, $29.

Before we forget, do NOT forget to use a cash back portal or shopping portal first. If you’re not familiar with shopping portals, click here and read about them first. You’ll be leaving money and miles on the table. For Cashback we use TopCashBack and for miles head to our friends at CashBackMonitor.

Go forth – head to your favorite shopping website or travel site and go! 

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. That $29 oneway fare is between LAX and LAS for example. If anyone has the Ritz Carton card, using visa infinite discount, it comes out to be $13.20 after $100 discount. and that $13.20 is for two(!) people and for round trip (!!). yes, $6.60 round trip per person and each of you will earn 1000 alaska miles per person which is worth way more than $6.60. That is crazy…
    unfortunately I don’t leave in LA but if I do, I would take my wife and do a mileage run. Take 15 of these round trips and each you will qualify mileage plan MVP with number of segments (30) and earn 15000 miles at 0.66 cents per mile in the process.

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