Office Depot Black Friday Visa Gift Card Deal Leaked!

Coming up in just two short weeks is the most sacred of holidays for us in the NoMasCoach household… Black Friday! You’ll find us out shopping all over town trying to find the best possible deals (and hopefully some money makers too!)

In the interest of money making deals, we saw today that the OfficeMax / Office Depot Black Friday ad got leaked, so of course being the nosy opportunists that we are, we decided to go for a peek. Low and behold buried deep after all the door buster deals somewhere on page 12 was this little doozy. It’s back! Their $15 off at the register promotion for Visa Gift Cards.

Office Max Black Friday Visa

Simply buy $300 in Visa Gift cards and the $15 discount will be applied automatically at the register. Note, the promotion does limit one per customer, but if you go in pairs or as a family, it could be said that you’re all individual customers, right? Time to make some friends!

Black Friday Week

It looks like the promotion is running from 11/19-11/25, so if you’re ambitious you can get an early start on this and hit up some Office Depots around town before the crowds attack them all.

Ultimate Rewards

If you’re still in possession of one of those nifty 5x earning cards at office supply stores, this is going to be a great promotion for you. Here’s how the math works out:

  • 2, $200 Visa Cards = $385
  • 2 Visa Gift Card Fees = $13.90
  • $398.90 x 5 points per dollar = 1,995 Ultimate Rewards
  • Profit $1.10 per deal

So, for each “customer” or “visit” to Officemax, you’re walking away with almost 2,000 Ultimate Rewards points and $1 in your pocket for your time and gas!

Other Deals…

Don’t just stop there with the VGC’s. There are tons of other “free after rebate” or “almost free after rebate” items too. You’ll pay the full price and then get a check back in the mail in a couple of weeks for the amount. One of those items which comes back year after year is the Duracell Batteries for 1 cent. Seriously. Batteries for a penny.

It’s another awesome way for you to rack up some Ultimate Rewards points that week.

Happy Black Friday Shopping Y’All!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Curious that it shows vanilla in the photo?

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    • I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. Very curious indeed.

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  2. Dude! The gift card promo is great, but saving on batteries is awesome for parents of young children. Toys take SO MANY BATTERIES!

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  3. This is kinda messed up for anyone staying at the ORD Marriott for FTU.
    The closest store is 8 miles away, & open 10am to 5pm on the 19th. Cards will be sold out at my local OD by the time I get back home on Monday!

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