Business Class Sale: Europe to the US for $650 One-Way

When looking for business class deals to Europe, the problem is where they originate. Most of the business class deals between the US and Europe originate in Europe. Some people love this. It gives them an excuse to turn one flight deal into two trips.

For many though, two trips are too much of a commitment or just too much hassle. Thankfully, TAP Portugal is here to solve your problems.

The Deals

TAP Portugal is currently offering some great one-way fares from Europe to the US for less that $800. Typically, one-way transatlantic fares are even more expensive than round trip fares. It’s great to see TAP give flyers another option.

There is scattered availability from now through early 2020, including peak summer travel.

Some of the best available options are:

  • Oslo to New York – $651
  • Dublin to Chicago – $681
  • London to Newark – $769
  • Copenhagen to Newark – $795

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to being a great deal, TAP Portugal gives you the option to add-on a stopover in Lisbon or Porto for free. For example, flights from London to New York with a stopover in Lisbon are $769, while a stopover in Porto only costs $10 more.

To search for this, head on over to TAP Portugal’s website. On the home page, there is a big search box. Select “Stopover” at the top, “One-way only” for the type of stopover trip. Then enter your airports and date of departure from Europe. Then select which city you’d like to stopover and how many nights you’d like to stay in that city. Click the red “Here we go button” to search.

TAP Portugal’s booking page

Unfortunately, TAP’s search function isn’t the most user-friendly. It should be sorted by price. Scroll down until you see an option with blue lettering for “Executive” (as seen in the first picture). This is TAP’s business class. You can also filter by TAP Executive after searching. If you do that, just be sure to re-sort by price twice to reset the cheapest flights at the top. Otherwise, it will show the most expensive options at the top.

TAP Portugal booking screen

Another thing you’ll want to check out is the type of aircraft you’re flying. To check, click on the flight number of the Lisbon/Porto to US flight (It should be TP0XXX underlined in black). If the flight says “339”, you’re golden. The 339 option is TAP’s brand-new A330-900 featuring a business class with fully flat seats and direct aisle access from every seat. This is a significant improvement over the angle flat seats on TAP’s A330-200s.

If you’re not interested in booking a stopover, you should be able to book through Google Flights. If you’re already using this tool with Google Flights, you’ll be able to know right away which aircraft you have.

How to make these work

TAP Portugal A330

Now that we’ve got that flight figured out, we’ll need to figure out how to get you over to Europe. The first and easiest option is to get over to Europe on points. In this case, you’ll only need a flight going over, as your return flight will be on TAP.

The other option is to find a cheap one-way fare.

Some of your best options include:

  • Newark to Paris – $130
  • Chicago to Barcelona – $142
  • Newark to London – $180
  • Chicago to Amsterdam – $184
  • Newark to Rome – $189

Again, this may take some playing around on Google Flights.

Using this option, you’ll be flying over to Europe in coach, but back in business class with an added trip to Portugal for under $1,000. Not a bad compromise if you ask me.

Where to credit these flights

These business class flights on TAP book into the J fare class. This means that they will earn 125% of the distance flown if credited to United or 200% of the mileage flown if crediting to Air Canada’s Aeroplan.

Using Oslo to Newark as an example, you would earn 6,360 miles by crediting the flights to United MileagePlus or 10,170 miles by crediting the flights to Aeroplan. After United’s decision to switch to dynamic award pricing, I’d rather take the extra miles and redeem through a transparent plan where I know what my miles are worth.

Do you plan on taking advantage of these fares?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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  1. First time commenter, longer time reader. Just booked OSL-LIS, stopover for 3 nights, then LIS-JFK in business class for $1,299 for 2 people in February 2020. Thanks for the fare alert.

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    • Thanks for commenting and glad to hear you were able to take advantage of it. Enjoy 🙂

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