The Best Hotel Credit Card just got Better

Everyone has their favorite credit card, but some credit cards do provide a ton of value. We spend a lot of nights in hotels, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to get free nights and extra benefits when we do book a night (or three). In my opinion, the best hotel credit card out there just got a little bit better.

The IHG Credit Card from Chase

IHG, or Intercontinental Hotel Group, is the parent company of the Holiday Inn chain of hotels and associated brands. On the high end you’ve got the Intercontinental hotels all the way down to the low end Candlewood Suites. Their credit card, issued by Chase, has been around for a while and offers normally 60,000 points. Currently for a limited time the offer has increased by more than 33% to now offer 80,000 points at signup, along with a TON of other amazing benefits.

Bonus Points

80,000 points is nothing to scoff at. Nights start at 5,000 points a night and a normal hotel can be 20-30,000 points. The signup bonus can get you up to 16 free nights at IHG hotels. Wow. Just Wow.

Burj al Arab from the rooftop of the Holiday Inn

Anniversary Night

Every year when you renew your card membership you get a free night at ANY property worldwide. Yes, ANY property worldwide. That has the potential to save you HUNDREDS of dollars every single year.

Elite Status

The IHG program has three levels in their Rewards Club; Gold, Platinum, and Spire. Just by having the card you’ll receive Platinum status, which gets you bonus points on your paid stays, possible upgrades, lounge access at certain hotels and more. It’s an amazing perk and a reason to make sure you hold on to this card for a very long time.

10% points rebate

Redeeming points for a stay? Now you’ll get 10% back in the form of a rebate. This makes your 80,000 signup bonus essentially 88,000, since you’re going to get 10% back whenever you go to redeem those points. Again, every point is valuable, so to get 10% off your stays is huge.

Really REALLY low annual fee

So many people complain about the high annual fees of many cards. We don’t worry too much about that, because we know that with each card that we hold, that annual fee is paying for a benefit. Coming in at only $49, this card is ridiculously cheap. Let’s be honest folks. That’s what some of you pay for a nice Sunday brunch with friends. It’s a no brainer to pay the $49 a year. And to make the pot even sweeter, the first year is free! They wave the fee the first year.

Too many cards?

NOT subject to the 5/24 rule.

If you don’t know what the 5/24 rule is, then you can ignore this bullet point. But for all of you out there that are subject to Chase’s 5/24 rule, this is a MASSIVE benefit. This card isn’t part of their dreaded 5/24 rules, so go crazy.

So many reasons to say “Yes”

If the 80,000 points didn’t grab you, then the free night certificate, the 10% back on redemptions, the elite status, and the no 5/24 stipulations should. This card is a must for everyone’s travel wallet.

How to Apply?

Applying is very simple, as these are limited time offers, they won’t last long. We appreciate your support for our blog and thank you very much!

Do you have the IHG card? What do you think? Where are you going to go use your free night?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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